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60 Day Skincare Challenge with BareMinerals

January 11, 2012
To preface this, I should let you know that I have combination to oily skin and my skin is quite acne prone as well. My acne is mostly the result from hormone fluctuation during the month, so I am usually good for half of the month, and not so good for the other half.  My goal is to find the ultimate skincare range that help me clear up my skin, even during hormonal times.

I have seen a lot of rave reviews about the bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment, particularly from people who also have acne prone or oily skin.  I have also read quite a few great reviews on the Pure Nourishing Cleanser and Moisturizer. So I have decided to purchase the 30 day starter kit and the Night Treatment to test it out!  I have already started to use it a few days ago.  But I know 30 day will not be a long enough period to really give the product a try.  So I'm doing a 60 Day Skincare Challenge to see of this range really works for me.  For now, please enjoy some product pictures!

I will report my progress with it in one month :). I hope you all have a great day!

X Rica


  1. from one oily skined, hormonal acne prone girl to another, I hope this works for you!
    Then I shall run and try it out for myself LOL xD
    *fingers crossed*

  2. Yes, I hope it works out too!!! >.<  I'm so done being acne prone!  After two months, we're still bonding over oily skin LMAO.

    x Rica