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Best Fashion Finds of 2011

January 9, 2012
I have already shared what beauty products I have loved in the year 2011 (click here to view said post).  I thought I would also share with you a few of my favourite fashion pieces I acquired this year.  I think I am kind of on a roll with fashion posts =)... I'm already planning for another one LOL.

Talula Casual Blazer

Everyone needs a good blazer.  I really like this one because it doesn't have the padding on the shoulder.  I have pretty wide shoulders, that might not always be desirable.  Without the padding this become more fitting and more flattering for my body.

Michael Kors Medium Length Trench Coat

Frankly, Michael Kors is not my favourite designer in the world, but I can't say no to a good trench coat.  I got it on sale at an outlet, which is a pretty good deal because the material for this coat is really nice.  It's also rather warm, but not as warm as the Burberry ones that I have tried on.  It was perfect for Spring/Summer weather.

Forever 21 Multi Colour Dress

I am not usually friends with waistband dress, but this dress is surprisingly shape-flattering.  I have gotten quite a few complements when I wear it.  The best part is that this dress was from Forever 21, so you bet it's affordable!  (I think it was only $23.90 + tax).  It's also the perfect length for me to show off my calves and to hide my thighs LOL.

American Apparel Chiffon Secretary Blouse

Ever since I started working, I have been loving see through and collar shirt with a bow.  Well, this baby is both! Even though it is a rather recent purchase (I had it for about two months, oops), I really want to include this in this post!  I like that I can dress it up with a skirt for work, or dress it down with a sweater and leggings/jeggings.  I usually pair it with a black spaghetti top underneath, but for those who are more courageous can pair it with just a bra-top underneath (I have seen girls at American Apparel do that).  I'm loving this style so much that I'm definitely going to buy another one in different colours/patterns.

Talula Straw Hat

I love this hat.  It's my first and only straw hat.  I have always wanted one but never found one that I like, until I found this one.  I like the combination of this tan colour straw and the floral ribbon.  I wore it so much this year, and I can't wait to wear it again next!

T. Babaton Kate Cropper Sweater

This is the most recently acquire item on this list.  I like pairing this with dress shirt, blouse, or tank top that are long enough to show through.  I opted for a larger size because I think that this looks better when it's more loose.  I have also worn it with a dress and it looks pretty lovely =).

Emitation Jewlery Twilight Inspired Carleen's CZ Oval Engagement Ring

First of all, I'm not engaged.  I bought this because I love the ring Edward gave to Bella in Eclipse!  (I told my boyfriend I want something like that for an Engagement Ring, and he said no LOL.)  However, this is not even close to what it looks in the movie, what a bummer.  And it's way to big.  (I thought this is the Best Fashion Finds of 2011 post?  Well, yes, it is!)  But I still like it.  It looks simple elegant.  I like to wear it on my index finger.  It's just very sparkly and pretty =).

Sorry for no picture!  But below are also some of my favourite!

American Apparel Winter Leggings
This is just your plain black leggings with a thicker material.  This is serving me well in the winter and now.  I don't think I can wear anything thinner than this!

Sperry Top Sliders
Boat shoes have made a major comeback this year.  I, of course, had to jump on this bandwagon.  I had worn it to the max since I got it until the cold weather hits.  They're super easy and pretty comfortable.  I've even worn it at work but I don't recommend it if your bosses are more strict.  You'll definitely see them more in action in the Summer!

UGGS Grey Classic Cardy
When it's cold, naturally, I turn to more cozy shoes that would keep me warm.  And in the Winter, I live in UGGS for the most part.  They're super comfy and warm.  Some people don't like its shape and think it's ugly.  But of those people that I have talked to, even though they don't like the original UGGS, they don't mind or even like the Classic Cardy style.  I guess it's less plain and it's knitted, so people prefer it more.


  1. Love that black sheer blouse...I own four sheer blouses because I love them so much! Also- I want to buy my bf some Sperry Top Sliders! He always says he wants some but theres SO MANY styles I don't know which to get him lol!

  2. I love it so much that I want to get one in cream and burgundy! (Have you seen those in Aritzia, they're so pretty and so soft!)

    As for Sperry, I recommend going for the more classic ones 'cause those will be around for longer. I like these ones, but of course in more conservative colours (brown or tan or blue):

    x Rica