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Chic Chat: New Year Resolutions 2012

January 3, 2012
It's a brand new year.  And what a better way to set some goals, beauty related or not, for this year!

NYR #1: Drink at least 8 cups of water every day.
I don't think I drink enough water.  I usually am able to stick with it in the office, but at home, somehow it's harder to do.  So I'm going to use a water schedule for a month, and hopefully this will become my routine.

NYR #2: Sleep more.
I don't get enough sleep as it is.  During exam time, I get even less sleep.  So this year I just need to start studying earlier, so that I can get more rest closer to exam time.  (For those who are wondering, I have to write a few exam for a professional designation.)

NYR #3: Do yoga at least twice a week.
I stopped exercising over a year ago, which is bad, real bad!  With a full time job, this seems even harder, but I am going to make it work.  I have already taken a tiny step and sign up for some yoga classes at a local yoga studio.  Wish me luck!

NYR #4: Lose 10lbs by the end of April.
This goes hand in hand with the exercising goal.  I need to get healthier and lose my thanksgiving belly.  I want to fit into my old skinny jeans =/.

NYR #5: Use up my "foundation collection".
I have this weird obsession to find the perfect foundation (I'm still searching).  I blame the whole oily skin thing because nothing really stays put, I mean not fading, that well.  But it has come to a point that this has become a collection, which is not healthy.  So I'm just going to have to use most of them up plus throwing away old expired ones.  Until the size of my "foundation collection" is reduced to a manageable one, I'm putting myself on a foundation ban.  Sorry face!

NYR #6: Shop my stash, not a local drugstore or beauty counters.
Yes, I know I have some hidden gems in my makeup collection.  I should dig them up and use them.  It's kind of unrealistic to not buy any beauty products, but I'm going to keep it to the minimal.  I will really think about if I really need it.  So, maybe no more warehouse sale for me?  Haha

NYR #7: Start saving for the future.  Goal: saving 1/3 of my salary.
Did you know most people do not have enough savings to retire?  Yes, I'm saving for the future and that includes retirement.  Sooner or later I will need a house, a car, some extra money on the side for the unexpected, and money to settle down.  I cannot go paycheque by paycheque, I need to save!

NYR #8: Blog, blog, and blog!
I have been blogging on and off for the past two years, but now it's time to start blogging consistently again.  That means no hiatus.  Even during exam month, I'll try my best to squeeze in some post here and there.  Or maybe I'll pre-write some!  I like blogging, but I really need to stick with it!

So that's my New Year Resolutions for 2012.  I hope next year, when I look back to this post, I can check off everything on this list!  What are your New Year Resolutions?  Beauty or non-beauty, I would love to know.

x Rica

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