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Gotta love when these are waiting for you by the doorstep

January 15, 2012
On New Years Day, I placed a huge order at because they were having a sitewide sale on lenses. It was quite a bit of savings, so I decided it's time for me to get some new Asian beauty products. So here's a sneak peek of what I'm going to test out!

You might wonder what are in those animal lens cases.  Well, before I put the lenses in the case, they actually look like this:

Princess Mimi Apple Green 15mm
Princess Mimi Sesame Grey 15mm

Princess Mimi Almond Brown 15mm
Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown 15mm

This is the entire line of the Princess Mimi/Bambi Series produced by Tsubasa Matsukawa, a very popular Japanese fashion magazine model.  I also got a pair of pink lenses, which I'm pretty happy with because it's hard to find these in my prescription lol:

Princess Pinky Honey Pink

At Pinky Paradise, they also sell Asian makeup products. I mentioned before (in this blog post) that I wanted to try out some new lashes, and since I was paying for shipping, I thought "might as well". Here are the ones I bought:

Eyemazing False Eyelashes Sweet Ribbon Series No.304

Eyemazing False Eyelashes Ciffone Line Series No. 401

Diamond Lash Series 1 - No.2 Fairy Eye (Upper Lash)
Just by photographing and touching these lashes, I have feeling that I'm going to enjoy testing these lashes out.  I am also very excited to try out some more colour lenses (I have never tried anything other than regular contact lenses or brown circle lenses). I will definitely let you guys know how I like them :).

x Rica


  1. WOW! You got the ENTIRE Princess Mimi series! Super jealous! Tell me how you like the 2 brown colours! I really want to see if they are as good as the grey/green! :D And Eyemazing lashes!!!!! I still have yet to try those! Can't wait for your review! :D

  2. I can already tell you that the Almond Brown one is awesome! I've had one pair for about half a year, this is my back up one!  I highly recommend it.  As for chocolate brown, I think it's pretty true to the demo picture.  I'll definitely update you on that =)

    x Rica

  3. wow....very cute