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Juggling between work and play: Outfit Ideas with my Floral Lace Top

January 26, 2012
I think I am doing quite well with my fashion posts this week, right?  I mean, it's only Thursday, and I got two fashion posts out =D (patting myself on the back).  I think I need to try taking more pictures outside during the weekend so that I can have regular fashion posts!  Anyway, this is another outfit idea post, and our feature today is my Talula Betsy Blouse.

Photo Credit:

That would be one way to wear it.  In fact, I think I'll try that next time LOL.  Anyway, so how to I coordinate this with my wardrobe.  Here I got two ideas.  First let's see what I would pair with it for work...

Blazer/Sweater: Topshop (last season)
Top: Talula Betsy Blouse (still available at Aritzia)
Skirt: Talula (last season, probably still available at Aritzia)
Shoes: Forever 21 Ballet Flat
Bag: Focco from eBay

I probably won't pair this outfit with the ballet flats I showed, because I would wear heels or my black flats instead (and probably with black tights, but those were in the washing machine =P).  But since those are in my office (I wear comfortable shoes to work and change into less comfortable shoes lol), so I just picked some casual flat, which is probably too casual...  So, it's settled, pair this outfit with black flats or pumps instead =)

If I were to, say, go out on a date with this Betsy Blouse...

Blazer: Talula (still available at Aritzia)
Top: Talula Betsy Blouse (still available at Aritzia)
Jeans: Hollister Jeggings (got them from Hollister outlet)
Booties: Topshop (last season)
Bag: Kate Spade

I freaking love the booties, but they are VERY impractical as they are very high (see below).  But on a date, there's not much walking involve, so I'd be okay =).

I really like how this turn out... for a more feminine twist, I would lose the blazer and go for a cardigan instead, which is what I usually pair with (either to work or for going out).  As usual... silly faces pics:

I actually know other people who also own this blouse.  I've seen it at work.  Usually they just pair it with dress pants and heels, which is probably the easiest and comfiest way to go =).  If you just want a casual look, lose the heels and blazer.  This blouse is great with jeans =D.

What else would you recommend me to pair this with?  And how are you like the Topshop booties?  I love them, but I can't wear them (often) lol.

x Rica


  1. omg...the booties are love! they may be high, but who cares when you can pull it off so well xD
    regarding the blouse, i have a few friends who have it, so i didn't want it as much after that.
    but it is lovely, and lacey stuff is always quite nice to add to the wardrobe~

  2. I love those booties... but they're really high lol... I like that it makes me look tall, and it lengthens the legs too =D.  And thanks!  After this pair, I kinda got addicted to high heels LOL.

    Yes, I see the blouse quite often, but not recently at the office... =)..  If you want something similar but not exactly alike, J Crew has a tank version and it's more comfy =D.  It was on sale when I saw.... and I bought it bc it was only $15 =P.

    x Rica

  3. I love the 2nd outfit!  Way too cute :)  Ugh, you're making me want to go shopping :P

  4. I tend to have that effect on people... LOL! I think those items are on sale though =D