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MARCELLE ANNABELLE Beauty Premiere: Spring 2012 Product Launch

January 13, 2012
Just two months ago, MARCELLE and ANNABELLE organized an event called the "Beauty Premiere" to reveal the new products they're releasing in Spring 2012.  I was fortunate and honoured to attend the event as a Beauty Blogger.  The event is more like a party.  Everyone was enjoying hors d'oeuvres and wine, while hanging out with other beauty bloggers and checking out those exciting new products!  It was definitely a lot of fun because I get to see my bloggers friends again, and meet a lot of new people as well!

Lovely ladies from left to right: Abigail, Joyce, Jenn, Emily!

The main event, of course is to get a sneak peek of what is coming out in Spring 2012.  First off from ANNABELLE, are these Glitterama liners.  Adding to the existing 7 colours, they are adding a few new ones (as I have been told).  They look amazing, the pink one in particular, and I can't wait to try the new ones out!

Next, are some, not so new, Smudgeliners.  They are not adding new shades, but they are relatively new to the Annabelle range.  So they were showcasing it at the Beauty Premiere as well!

I must say, they do stay put really well on my hand, which means they have quite great staying powers!  These come in pot form and they have included a brush!

The most exciting product from Annabelle would have to be a new range of lipgloss called Le Big Show Gloss.  These lipglosses are very glossy and shiny.  It comes with a standard doefoot applicator.  They don’t really smell or taste funny, which is always a plus.  But the biggest pro of them is non-sticky. I can’t tell you how many times my hair got stuck on my lips, and I know I am not the only one!

You see that purple one in the bottom?  I WANT!  I must get it when it comes out even though I’m not a huge gloss fan!  The colour is just so gorgeous!  Here are some swatches of the glosses:
Speaking of glosses, a huge attraction (yeah, it was very attractive) is their “mix your own gloss booth”.  Each of us got to pick a few pigments, and have Dr. Lipgloss (or science-dude, as named by some of the bloggers LOL) mixing it in and make it into an actual gloss.

The formula is the same as the Le Big Show lipgloss, which is still non-sticky.  I love the corally pink one I have created =).

Next up is new products from MARCELLE.  They have a huge line up for Spring 2012 with a new line of anti-aging products, Gene Youth Skincare:

These three are their day cream, night cream, and eye cream.  They are formulated to be great for all ages where they focus on regenerating skin cells.  I can’t really say much about them because I believe that I need to test them out first before making a fair comment.  But based on just trying it out on my hands, I can see that the creams are moisturizing enough for my hands and they’re non-greasy; whereas the eye cream has a silicone-y feel to it.

Another new skincare item would be MARCELLE Renforcils Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover.  Based on what I heard from the MARCELLE representative, it’s supposed to fortify your lashes while removing your eye makeup, so less eyelashes coming out when you remove makeup.  I have yet to try it on my eyes, but it does remove makeup quite well from my hand (all the swatching, HA!).

Also new to the skincare(!?), maybe not as much, it’s more of a makeup item with skincare ingredients.  This is the most exciting product in the line up, I tell ya.  I am a huge BB cream fan, I love that it provides coverage with all the whistles and bells that keeps your skin nice.  A lot of Western brand jumping on this bandwagon of coming out with their own BB Cream, but MARCELLE is the first Canadian company who does this.

The good thing about this BB Cream is that usually, BB Cream has a VERY limited shade range, while the MARCELLE has two shades (light to medium and medium to dark).  The colour is also on the yellower side, as opposed to pink or almost grey in most of the popular BB Cream (Missha and Skin79 BB Creams are kind of like that too, except for Oriental Gold BB Cream).  Since the lighting wasn’t so great, I wasn’t able to get a swatch there, but I’ll have more details soon.  I'm definitely going to be reviewing it soon once I get my hands on it!

Lastly, MARCELLE is coming out with a new mascara called Xtension Plus.  According to the lady, it’s supposed to be lengthening and volumizing.  It is noteworthy that it’s not a “fibre-mascara”, which means no hideous clumps hanging at the end of each lens... Eeeek.

This was included in the goody bag, and I have REALLY been enjoying it.  It's one of my go-to mascara now!  (This one is a longer handle, so it stays at home!)  Look at those tiny plastic brush tip!  It reaches my baby lashes too and it's pretty separating!  You can definitely expect a review coming up featuring this!

Here are some of my other favourite shots:

Robyn (on the right) is so freakin gorgeous... and tall!

Isabel from Groupe Marcelle, in the middle, pull this whole event together!  Awesome job done!

Oh my gawwsshh... I look so red... lil alcohol + me = red tomato face

Joyce and I and the Toronto Night Sky =D

"Would you fancy some eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks?" (imagine British accent)

Aren't those gold liners gorgeous? You bet I did take one =)  Gotta love "maquillage hor dourve"

After all the mingling, eating, and photo taking, we are sent home with a lovely goody bag! (which I don't have a picture for... oops!)  I have been playing around with some of them and I can't wait to let you know what I think about them!

Anyway, this has been an incredible long post for an incredible evening.  For more pictures about this event, you can visit my Photo Diary (link) or visit ANNABELLE Official Blog (link) and Facebook Page (link).

Thanks for stopping by!

x Rica


  1. I wish I was there! It looked like it was so much funn ~

  2. I wished you were there!  Joyce, Michele and I were like "if only Emily was here, it would have been so much more fun!"  You should come to the Toronto Beauty Bloggers events with us!

    x Rica