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Something that make an angel blush: Benefit Hervana Box O' Powder

January 17, 2012
It is the newest addition to the Benefit Cosmetics makeup line.  A lot of people have jump on it when Sephora had a one day flash sale back in December.  Afterwards, I have only seen rave reviews about it.  So when I saw the display was up at a local Sephora, I knew I had to get it.

Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder

Benefit describes it as "an orchid-blossom blush with a satin finish".  I think this description fits the product really well because I do think of an orchid colour after I apply it on my cheek.  I've been wearing it every day since 2012, which is a good change from my exhaustive use of Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed.  I like that it is soft, but still visible, it truly gives you an angelic-glow.  Yet it can be natural enough, depending on how much you apply.  It's like the flush you see on dolls, it's heavenly!

Inside the "flap" box, you'll find a new rounded angled brush for your convenience

It features the revamped packaging of all the Box O' Powder (yes, they re-did all of them as far as I know) that we first saw when Bella Bamba came out last year.  I don't particularly prefer one or the other, but I must say this does give me trouble some times because of the flap (long story short, it made a dent in my Bella Bamba blush).  And as always, it way more bulky than other blushes that you can find in the market.  So this is not the most convenient packaging for sure.

The rounded angle brush
It comes with an angled brush with very soft hair.  I always opt for regular blush brush instead because I have more control with it, but it's nice to have it as a touch up blush brush.

Benefit Hervana: lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight
Depending on the foundation I'm wearing, it lasted about 4 to 6 hours on my face, which maybe good enough for most people.  But I work quite long hours, so the lasting power is not the most desirable for me.  However, since the colour and the finish it gives are so lovely, I will keep wearing it, even though it means I have to bring this bulky box with me to work for touch-ups.

Lightly swatched, please excused the dry hand =(
Overall, I am really impressed by this blush because of the colour and the finish.  Granted, I do like all of my Box O' Powder by Benefit, but I think this is my favourite one out of all of the ones I own.  So if you are in the market for a new pink blush, you might want to consider this.

Credit: Benefit Cosmetics official website - - click image to visit the guide!
Speaking of Benefit Box O' Powder, they now have quite a few of them and it can be hard to decide which to get if you just want to try this line out.  Recently, Benefit created a page they called their "Box O' Powder Guide".  So you might want to check it out to help you make up your mind.  I think I shouldn't have looked though, because I'm already eyeing on Hoola and Dallas, and now 10 is on my list too!  LOL.  Have you tried  or are you planning to try this new "good karma face powder"?

x Rica


  1. This looks sooooo pretty!!! To be honest, I don't own one single benefit blush, but the packaging is just too cute!

  2. This looks sooooo pretty!!! To be honest, I don't own one single benefit blush, but the packaging is just too cute!

  3. It is so pretty.  It gives you a nice baby glow!  I would weigh in and see what type of blush you need.  Like if you have a lot of pink blushes, I would skip this.  Or if you have a lot of peach blush, I would get something like this instead =).  But ya, it's pretty, get it Edwina!  Hehehe

    x Rica

  4. Call me blind but I cannot see it for the life of me on the swatch :s Any way to post a picture of it on your face? Pretty Please? :)

  5. I might have blended it too far out so you actually can't really see my skin colour LOL.  But yes! I'll definitely do put a picture with the on my face... I'm waiting for the sun to come out =/... Hopefully this weekend!

    x Rica

  6. So funny I hate their packaging LOL! I don't like using the brush provided and I can't seem to get my own brush to pick up the product properly :P

    Besides that the blush looks so pretty, I love the pattern of it in the pan :)

  7. lol I can't believe I forgot to address the packaging issue!  It's bulking and the flap got into my blush once (Bella Bamba).  I like the old packaging better...

    As for blush brush, I use MAC 165 type brush to apply the blush, and it works =)

    x Rica