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Sunday Summary (Jan 29, 2012) - I finally got a haircut

January 29, 2012
Happy Sunday!  You might have seen me ranting on about my skin on Twitter.  It started last Thursday, my skin has this weird reaction with redness and white bumps on my cheek area around my nose/under my eyes, as well as on my chin, and here and there on the rest of my face, even my eyelids =(.  So I was freaking out and pretty depressed over the last couple days.  I apologize for my rant and missing a post on Friday.  It's just that it has never happened to me before, so I was really scared.  Plus, it's on my face, it's very visible.  I don't work from home, so going to work like that is very uncomfortable.  Anyway, I woke up this morning, it seems like it has calm down a bit, so I hope it'll be better this week.  Because of how horrible I look, I didn't have the courage to take pictures of my face.  So this week is just going to be pure product reviews (and some leftover pictures from last week lol)...

Anyway, let's rewind and see what you might have missed this week =)


Putting My Chiffon Blouse, Cropped Sweater, and Winter Leggings into Action

Last week started off with an outfit idea post featuring few items from my Best Fashion Finds of 2011.  It is nice to show them in action to show how much I enjoy these pieces =).  Read more about them here.

Did my nails grow stronger with Essie Fortifying Growth Treatment?

On Monday, I came back to report my experience with Essise Grow Stronger after one week of use.  The result is pleasantly surprising =).  Read more about what I have to say with this growth treatment by Essie.

Which is Which Wednesday: Pink Blushes

A new feature of this blog that challenge out readers to see if they can spot the difference of a few look-alike products and identify which ______ is which brand.  See what are included in the first WWW!

Juggling between Work and Play: Outfit Ideas with my Floral Lace Top

Another outfit idea post for this week.  This features a well-loved top from Aritzia (a Canadian ladies fashion boutique).  Click here to see how I wear it for work and for days off.

Bonus Post (Most Popular Post of the week): No budge but you can smudge: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Eyeshadow

A lot of readers seem to be intrigued by this new product from Maybelline.  It's on sale again in Canada, I'm grabbing a few more, so figures =P.


I tend to be a little wordy, so I changed the format of Sunday Summary this week.  Let me know if you like this.

I also have some exciting stuff coming up in February!  (which is in just two more days!)  Until then, I hope the rest of your January will be great, and February will more even more wonderful!

x Rica

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