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Trick his eyes with Dolly Wink No. 4 Feminie Style Natural Half Lahses

January 10, 2012
Although I don’t wear false lashes often, I have quite a few different pairs of them in my collection.  When I asked my friends to buy some more from Asia, one of my friends said: “You bought so many of them, but I’ve never seen you wear them”.  So this gives me a motivation to wear falsies more often.  And lately, my go-to is always Dolly Wink Lashes No.4 Feminine Style.

These have become my go-to false lashes because they are corner lashes, or accent lashes, if you will.  However, these go a little further in than the other corner lashes, but they’re not all the way into the outer corner.  This makes them ultra easy to apply (huzzah!).  They give pretty natural length and an extra oomph at the outer corner.  It might not be the most “volumizing” or doll-like lashes out there, but it gives just what I need.

Like all Dolly Wink False Lashes, each package comes with two pairs of lashes  (you can see that I have already used one of them) and a mini lash glue, which I happen to like it a lot.  They retail anywhere from US$12 to US$40.  As you can see it’s quite a big range, but it really depends where you get them.  I have ordered them online and it was around $20 per package.  If you get them from Japan, obviously it’s going to be the cheapest (it’s ¥ 1260 before tax).  My friend got these for me at Sasa in Hong Kong for HK $99, which is about CA $12 to $14, so it’s not bad at all.  But of course, it’s no match when you want to compare them to the $15 for 7 pairs of lashes at IMATS Toronto 2011 deal.  FYI, MAC lashes are about CA $17 per pair last time I got them.

Here's the effect of the false lashes that you're supposed to get:

I'm liking them so much, but I think I shouldn't be wearing them too often because these things will break down on you.  But for the sake of this blog, you'll definitely be seeing some looks with these lashes very soon!  Like I said, these lashes will break down on you.  In fact, after about 7 wears, my first pair retired, which is very undesirable, considering the price is pretty high.  So I am currently on a hunt for some new corner lashes that are more durable.  In fact, I have already placed an order with Pinky Paradise.  I'll definitely be posting about those new goodies =).

x Rica


  1. They are my favourite too! (for now at least... I'm trying to experiment other brands' lashes too)

    x Rica