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Which is Which Wednesday: Pink Blushes

January 25, 2012
Hi, I am on a blush roll (get it? LOL).  Anyway, here's a new series called "Which is which Wednesday".  Basically, the idea is to find a few look-alike products and see if you can identify which is which.  Since I don't have a lot of dupes in my collection, this might be an irregular series.  Anyway, the first time WWW features pink blushes.

Pink Blush A

Pink Blush B

Pink Blush C

These three pictures are swatches of the following three blushers:

  1. Benefit Cosmetics Hervana Box O' Powder
  2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Adored
  3. Smashbox Blush Rush in Flush

So, can you tell which is which?  Answer will be revealed next week =D.  Have fun guessing/identifying!

x Rica

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  1. oooh I love games! lol I am in fact 5 at heart. 
    ok here goes nothing
    Blush B is Tart, Blush A is Benefit, Blush C is Smashbox! 
    I am probably very wrong with these as I am not that great at knowing these things haha!