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boscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment? I wish!

February 21, 2012
I have oily skin, and my T-zone is for sure to get oily throughout the day.  So anything that promises to keep me shine-free throughout the day, I would jump on it (maybe not literally).  So I have high hopes of the boscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment when I got it a few months back.

boscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment

On the packaging, it says that
"A multi-tasking treatment that instantly redeuces the appearance of pores and blackheads while keeping them less visible over time.  Mattifies oil and shine all day as it smoothes skin's texture, leaving a soft-focus silky finish."

boscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment

I mainly use it as a makeup primer because it says to use over or under makeup.  I never like to put any treatment type thing on top of my makeup, because more often than not, it will make it look worse.  I don't see that it particularly helps the makeup last longer, or make it slide off my face earlier.  So I don't think it is contributing any good or bad to the makeup application.

I would agree with a few things in this description.  It does instantly mattifies my face and hence the pores are not as visible. However, it doesn't really last.  Since it claims to mattify your face throughout the day, I would expect less shine.  But I don't think that was the case.  My T-zone still gets oily around lunch time, as always.  Therefore, it's safe to say that it doesn't help with the oil controlling either.

boscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment

The packaging of it, though, is very nice.  It comes with a airless pump, which is very sanitary.  The pump is a rather nice one, because it gives very good control, meaning you can pump out as much as you want.  So no product is wasted!

Before application of boscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment
Swatch of boscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment
After application ofboscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment  

From the before and after pictures, you could see that it does give instant results.  But I feel that only half the claims were fulfilled because, sadly, the results don't last.  So I wouldn't recommend it based on my own experience.  But it has gotten a lot of rave reviews on Sephora, so maybe I was just unlucky =/.

Have you tried any oil controlling products that did wonders for you?  I would really need some recommendation.  Let me know!

x Rica


  1. I just ordered some new primer! Thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks for this review =) I'm trying some Clinique products and from an organic french brand: Caudalie (I really like the last one *-*), and for the moment they do their job on my skin :P