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Chic Chat: Girls just wanna have fun... and some shopping done

February 9, 2012
Preface: We totally failed at the picture taking department during this trip. We have pictures here and there but not everywhere. I think we might need to go back soon lol... Anyhow, it'll be a rather wordy post... oops =P

Aside from Winterlicious on Saturday, the other thing I did during my birthday weekend is a road trip with my girls, Joyce, Emily, and Michele.  Our destination was to Buffalo because it’s just over 2 hours drive and it’s the day the Jason Wu for Target collection comes out.  I was so excited for this trip because it’s my first girl friends-only road trip!

Our schedule was intense, we met up before 6 in the morning at my place, and left at 6:10am (sorry girls, I have to finish curling the last few strands lol).  I really wanna go on the road early so I didn’t put on makeup.  Thank goodness I was having a good skin day =).  The ride there doesn’t feel that long, but I guess it’s because we were talking the whole time, so time seems to fly by.

our shopping cart lol

After about two and a half hours of driving we got to the Target beside Walden Galleria.  The first place we went is the Jason Wu collection.  We arrived an hour after they opened, so it was a tad late to get all those pretty dresses, we were all kind of upset, but we still manage to haul a bit from that collection.
The next thing we looked at was shoes section.  Target has a amazing collection of shoes at a very affordable price.  I got a pair of faux moccasin for $6!  It’s so comfy and I’m just going to wear it everywhere.

Since we’re all fashion and beauty blogger, we have to visit the cosmetics aisle.  I think we spent like half an hour there just to look at things.  I didn’t even buy that much from the makeup aisle lol.  But I did manage to take some good pictures there =).

Free People at Walden Galleria

After Target, we head to Walden Galleria for some mall shopping.  Again, since time is tight, we didn’t get to visit a lot of shops as we hoped, but we did go to Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Bakers, and Cheesecake Factory where we had our lunch.  Despite the fact that we’re all starving since early morning, none of us were able to finish our meal because it was so big, not to mention we got an appetizer to share.
I received a complementary birthday sundae.  It was delicious =).

The next place on our list is to visit Walmart.  I almost got my favourite potato chips – Load chilly cheese Ruffles, but I resisted.  My boyfriend is going on vacation soon and I didn’t want to finish two bags of chips on my own.  So I got nail polishes instead lol.

Niagara Fashion Outlet (photo credit: Emily @

Our final stop was Niagara Fashion Outlet.  I was a little disappointed at that place because there wasn’t many good sales going on.  Coach didn’t even have an “extra x% off” coupon this time around.  I got a sparkly pocket mirror from Charlotte Russe, a Ralph Lauren Polo for my boyfriend, and that concluded my shopping at the outlet.  But everyone else seems to have enjoyed themselves there, so I am happy about that!

Our haul (photo credit: Emily @

5pm sharp, we were all ready to head back to Toronto.  The return trip was quiet because we’re all exhausted.  Our trip was quite delighted despite the fact that we got charged at custom, but oh well, what could we do :/.  We're home by dinner time.  Even though I was exhausted, I truly had a blast with my girls! I can't wait to do this again!

I got tons of stuff from Buffalo... probably too much... (I wonder where my money went lol.)  My Buffalo haul will be coming up next, probably the beauty part first.  I'm still figuring out how I want to take the pictures for the clothing part of my haul.  We'll see...

Did you do something fun last weekend?  Are you planning to do something fun this weekend?  Is there somewhere else that we should visit in Buffalo?  Let me know =D

x Rica


  1. Omg nommmm I love the Cheesecake factory! How far is Buffalo from Toronto? I always just go to Niagara Falls right across the it worth the extra drive to Buffalo?

  2. I think it's worth it 'cause it's really not that far! It's about a 20-30 min ride from Niagara Falls =).  I usually just go to Walden Galleria because it's the closest mall.  It has a huge variety of stores: Sephora, Bare Escentuals, Free People, A&F, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Bakers.... too many stores!  Best of all, Target is just 2 minutes away (I <3 Target lol).  So next time you go to Niagara, go to Buffalo too =D.