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Highlighter, Blush, and Bronzer 3-in-1! MACELLE Multi-colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil

February 27, 2012

I have always wanted to try the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, probablyfor about 3 years now.  But I could neverjustify paying that much for a highlighter, especially when I already havehighlighters lol.  So I was kind ofexcited to see the MARCELLE Multi-colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil in mygoodie bag.  It might not look exactly thesame, but it seems that it could deliver similar results.

MARCELLE Multi-colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil

MARCELLE Multi-colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil

It comes in a square packaging with five different colour stripes,arranged from top to bottom in the order of the lightest to the darkest.  This makes i t easier for user to choose whichcolour to use.  You could use a smallbrush or your fingers to pick one specific colour and apply on your face, ormix a few of those colours.

MARCELLE Multi-colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil

For me I could use the top two colours (or even three) forhighlight, and the rest for blush.  Thebottom two colours could also be used as a shimmery bronzing colour.  Of course, you can also mix everything togetherto get a shimmery blush.  I really likethe effect that it gives on the cheeks.

Because of the texture of this product, which is not grainy orclumpy, you can also use it as eye shadows. I have used the top most colour as inner corner and brow highlights, andthe 2nd and 3rd colour as all over the lid colour.  Of course, you could also use the rest ascontour or just all over the lid.  I feelthat these colours work best for lid colours as oppose for crease coloursbecause they are on the shimmery side. They’ll definitely brighten up the eye.

Here are some swatches:

MARCELLE Multi-colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil individual swatches

MARCELLE Multi-colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil Mixed

I really like the Multi-colour Face Powder in Luminous Veil, but tobe frank I mainly use the top three colour because they are the lighter ones,and I have other blushes that I like to use =P. I can see that it would work for many people of different skintones.  For girls who are very pale, thetop most colours would definitely still work for you as a highlight, while therest can be used for blush and bronzers. For girls with darker skin, you could probably use the top 3 ashighlighter, and the bottom 3 as blush.

MACELLE also has the two other Multi-colour products, the Blush andthe Bronzer.  Since this works out quitewell, I would probably get the Blush one when it goes on sale because it isdefinitely on the pricier side (it retails for CA $16.95).  But it seems like a cheaper alternative forthe Bobbi Brown Shimmering Brick, or I would like to think so =P.

Have you tried other Multi-colour face powder that work well for you?  Preferably something on a budget =P.  Let me know =D.

x Rica

Disclaimer: I received this product in the MARCELLE Group eventBeauty Premiere sample bag.  This post isnot being sponsored, and I am not receiving compensation for reviewing thisproduct.


  1. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze is my first highlighter. I like it, but don't us it nearly often as I should, just because I'm lazy and I skip this step! This one looks like a nice replacement though! I repeat, Marcelle needs to be available for those who don't live in North America!

  2. That's what I'm afraid of too... I don't want to buy expensive things and end up not using them... because I already do that, I don't need more LOL... hmmm you need to tweet MARCELLE and let them know!!!