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I think SensatioNail is gonna be Sensational

February 17, 2012
Don't you hate it when your nail polishes chipped the next day after you applied it?  I do.  If you're a follower of nail trend, you must have heard of Shellac or other gel polish, that are supposed to provide a shiny manicure that lasts for about 2 weeks time and wouldn't chip.  But going to a nail salon to do it every month, or worse, every other week, is a pain.  Not to mention the price to get it done by a professional manicurist is quite hefty.  So you would happy to hear, there are now quite a few at-home gel nail polish system.  SensatioNail by Nailene is one of the newer ones.

SensatioNail Starter Kit

I first talked about SensatioNail when I posted my haul from Chicago.  I purchased the starter kit and two polishes.  Now I've only had it for two weeks, so I won't be reviewing it, yet.  But I thought I would run through how I give myself a clear manicure.

I'm showing a demo on my pinky, here's a before:

First you would file and buff your nail.

Then, you would need to prep your nail with their gel primer.

Next, you would apply the gel base & top coat.

Now it's time to cure your nail using the LED lamp included in the kit.  Do this for 30 seconds.

If you're going to apply gel colour, you would apply one layer of the polish, cure for 60 seconds.  Then another layer, and cure for 60 seconds again.  And you would go back to the gel base & top coat and cure for 30 seconds.  But since I'm only going to get a clear mani, I'm going to skip the last few steps.

The last thing that you would need to do is to use the gel cleanser to clean off the sticky film on top of your nail.  Don't worry about losing the shine, because it would be preserve, as you can see in the following picture.

So the total time for one nail is 2 minute-ish.  However, that doesn't mean it will take you 10 minutes just for a clear mani on one hand.  Since you can cure the fingers at one time, it'll take about 5 minute or so to finish a clean mani on one hand.

It is very easy and it's pretty fast comparing with using traditional nail polishes, which would take about half an hour for the entire process, and even then, you would still have to worry about smudging the nail polish.  I will do a full review, once I can commit wearing one colour for two weeks =P.  I'll definitely keep you guys posted =).

x Rica


  1. I've use the sensationail about 3 times now and love it can't wait for new colors to come out...

  2. I just can't wait for it come to Canada! I hope they will have glitter/special effect ones =D

    x Rica

  3. Do you apply base coat and top coat together and just cure it once??? or do you apply base coat, cure, and top coat, and cure??? 

  4. The top coat and base coat are the same in this kit.  If I'm lazy I'll just use apply one coat of that 2-in-1 thing and cure.... But if I feel like I have want to make it last longer, then I'll do it twice =)

  5. Great idea I hope it comes soon in my country

  6. wawooo its realy gud idea <3 thanku dear

  7. I hope it comes soon in my country.. very sensational :D