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Shhh... I used my boy's styling product... FOG Bar for girls?

February 1, 2012
I got a question for all girls with long hair: What styling product do you use?

My hair is pin straight even if I don't do anything.  It is also flat and has no volume.  So it has its good and bad. The good thing about it is that I don't really have to worry about styling my hair.  I can just wake up and do nothing and my hair is usually good to go. (maybe I need to hand-comb it but that's really it).

The bad thing about it is that it doesn't hold any style.  I would curl it and it'll be back to normal after a few hours even if I do spray it with hair spray.  It's sadness.

But two weeks ago I saw an interesting commercial about FOG Bar for girls:

Shu shu shu?  Okay, there was Japanese subtitle.  Basically, the commercial is saying that girls can use FOG Bars too.

Now first let's back up, what is FOG Bar?

FOG Bar is a Styling Mist by a Japanese company called UNO, which is under Shiseido.  It is pretty popular among guys and girls in the Asian market.  There are 4 different types for different lengths/styles of hair.  It is designed to be very different from WAX, which is traditionally (for younger men) what guys use to style their hair.  It claims that compare to WAX...
  1. It'll shorten styling time
  2. It won't feel sticky on hands and hair
  3. You can fix it with hand comb multiple times
  4. It is water soluble so it washes off in one shampoo
I have seen my boyfriend use it.  It took him like 1-2 minute to finish styling his hair and it stays that way all day.  Since we have it at home, I ran to the bathroom, curl my hair, and styled with the navy blue FOG BAR, which is supposed to be suitable for every style with strong hold.  And three hours later, my curls look like this...

My curls are still there, which is not too bad, because usually it would have lose its shape already.  I need to get a hang of this though, because clearly my curls are not that great.  I didn't really make a tight curl because I thought it was unnecessary for that day lol.

I have only tested this one out, but I am very intrigued by the light blue one.  It says it gives a very flowy feel... so as we speak, I already ordered it LOL.  Well, not quite, I actually ordered a limited edition one, which is exactly the same as the light blue one, but the packaging is pink and it has a floral scent (plus is comes with a hair pin =P).

Image from
I'm looking forward to test this out.  I'll definitely let you know how it goes.  Hopefully I can make the type of curls as show on the image above.

Have you/boyfriend  tried FOG Bar?  How do you/him like it?  Also, do you have other styling product recommendation for me?  I need something that hold curls.  Let me know =D.

x Rica


  1. I don't really style my hair either.. unless I'm going out at night, but this looks promising!!! I need to find out where to get this :D

  2. eBay, I got mine off eBay =D... It's in the post office... I'm waiting to go pick it up!

    x Rica