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Shop MAC, Cook MAC and Eat MAC... I kid of course lol

February 11, 2012

I'm being very bad at my "shopping ban"... I was limiting myself only to one beauty and clothing purchase per month, but it didn't work out so well... It's all because of the newest MAC Collection - Shop MAC Cook MAC.  To be honest I have not hauled at MAC for about half a year.  I do go to the warehouse sale, but not really to the store, unless for essential stuff, like their Studio Finish Concealer and Blot Powder.  But this collection kind of wow-ed me in with their colourful display, as well as the lip and cheek products!  So I got these three things...

Shop MAC Cook MAC

I got three things, which is way pass my limit, oops.  These are exciting products because they all look so pretty!  Even just looking at the packaging makes me smile =).

From the cheek products, I picked Optimistic Orange.  This has came out two years ago and I missed out on it.  Since the Tangerine Tango trend is very big this year, I went with this colour.  This is actually the last one they had at the counter... so I guess this is very popular!?

Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush

I also have the Florida Cremeblend Blush from the MAC in Lillyland by Lilly Pulitzer collection.  I'm just including a picture of it because it got repromoted, along with Optimistic Orange, in this collection!  I actually got mine from MAC warehouse sale =).

Florida Cremeblend Blush

From the lip products, I didn't pick up any lipsticks because I have something dupeable in my collection.  I went with the Kissable Lipcolours because I've tried them and they're so nice on the lips.

So Vain Kissable Lipcolour
The first colour I got was So Vain because it actually looks really nice on my lips.  Not a lot of peach looks nice on me, so I knew I want to right after testing it out!

Enchantee Kissable Lipcolour
The next colour I picked was Enchantee because it seems like a colour that I would enjoy in spring.  And on top of that, this is such a gorgeous pink!

I haven't hauled at MAC stores/counter for so long, so the fact that I got three things is pretty surprising.  Last year, nothing really wooed me in.  But this collection speaks to me.  I was trying to be not THAT bad, so I didn't get a lot of things, which is my hopeless attempt to be better >.<.

Interesting side story, I notice that MAC now removes their lip gloss applicators from the tester so that people has to ask the SAs for help if they wanna test it out.  Some girls at the counter was complaining, I actually thought that it's brilliant.  I don't need the sponge tip applicator to touch another germy hands before I put on my lips.  Worst of all, some people apply it directly to their lips!  Now the problem's solve =).

Anyway, I will be putting up swatches and reviews of these products soon... Hopefully this weekend!  I also got some exciting things to do with this collection, but I'm just going to leave at that.  So stay tune for more posts to come!

Did you shop MAC?  Let me know XD.

x Rica


  1. These look amazinggg! the colour seriously looks so edible and yummy ~

  2. They do eh! I love the packaging! I think these are perfect for Spring!