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Stuff I loved in February 2012

February 29, 2012
The month of love has come to an end.  I'm so glad it's ending because that means my boyfriend is coming back to town =D.  But February was a good month.  It was also my birthday month and I have had the best time for my birthday this year.  I went on an awesome road trip with my girls Joyce, Emily, and Michele (I love these girls <3).  So I guess, these girls are my human favourites of the month lol.

Anyhow, let's jump to the beauty products that I loved this month!

MAC Naked Honey Skin Salve

Originally released in 2009 with the MAC Naked Honey collection, this jelly like product is a multi-functional “cream” that you can use anywhere on your body.  I have heard a lot of good things about this, so I bought it during last MAC warehouse sale, or the one before.  I didn’t start using it since this month because I didn’t know how I should use it.  This year, nothing really works for my chapped lips, except for this.  It’s my lips saviour.  I love it.  I need it.  This is something I totally need a backup for.  I hope MAC will re-release the Naked Honey line soon.  Their hand/body cream was excellent as well ><.

Hada Labo BB Cream

It was one of my purchases from my recent eBay haul.  I didn’t start using it until mid February, after my skin got freaked out and was recovering.  It truly was love at first use!  The finish it gives was awesome, very smooth but natural.  Coverage wasn’t very high but good enough for a regular office day.  It doesn’t really control oil though, but it doesn’t transfer too badly.  If I don’t wear glasses, it’ll be even better, because my glasses are constantly smudging my makeup = =.  It pairs really well with my CoverFX Clear Prep.  I find that it lasts longer with that primer.  But I think the lightest shade would be too light for me in the summer.  I probably need the darker shade for the summer… so maybe I’ll get it when I go to Asia =P.

MAC Kissable Lipcolours in Enchantee and So Vain

Both were recent releases from the Shop MAC Cook MAC collection (reviewed here).  I still stand by my original review, it’s smooth, it’s pigmented, it stays quite well… Everything, included the nasty part of the stopper problem.  It accumulates a lot of product at the opening… I think I’ll remove the stopper eventually.  It’s just annoying =/.  And “I thought this was supposed to be a favourite post lol”.  Yes, I like the product a lot, but also detest the packaging so much!  I hope there’s a fix for that.  L

bdellium tools #957S Precision Kabuki

I know I mentioned this in my 2011 list.  It was pretty much a tie with my Sigma Sigmax brushes.  But I find myself reaching for this more often than the others because I feel that it applies foundation AND BB Cream really well.  I usually use the stipple motion, then buff out lightly where there’s too much product.  I think I would need a double/triple/quadruple for it… IMATS LA here I come! XD

L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

I have oily skin, but everywhere else on my body gets super dry in the cold weather, especially my hands, which are overworked.  There were not many things that work for my dry hands, but a few do, and this is one of them.  It’s very moisturizing but not greasy at all.  It even hydrated my knuckles, which were so bad that they were almost chapping =(.  I’m almost done my first tube because I use it at least three times a day at the office.  I have another smaller tube but I think I have to buy a larger size soon because I’m clearly using up the smaller size too quick, I only had it for 2 weeks!

That’s it for my February favourites, products I’m loving, end of month picks, or whatever you see fit =P.  I didn’t have too many colourful things because I was just using some old staples from before, keeping things natural for most of the time.  Next month could possibly be more exciting because my boyfriend is coming back, which means I will stop being an Otaku and go out more =D.  But honestly, I do like staying home, watching Anime and reading manga… I even have some anime figures, of course, they’re cute ones, nothing erotic or inappropriate lol.

Anyway, what have you been loving this month?  Let me know what I need to try next =D.

x Rica


  1. Great favourites! :) I've heard good things about the hand cream...but I can't part ways from my Fruits & Passions Cucina Lime & Cypress because the smell reminds me of my mom (and it works pretty good too haha)

  2. Nice favorites! :) I like balms like the one from MAC. Multi purpose is the way to go =)

  3. Oooo great favorites Rica! I was selected by Bdellium Tools as their February's La Beaute of the Month, and I had to pick a brush as my prize last night. I hesitated between 957 and the 760 eyeliner brush and Jessica raved so much about, and in the end I went with 760 because at the moment I'm very happy with my 953 for foundation. Now you've put it on my wish list lol

    I love the L'Occitane hand cream too. It's something I've repurchased over and over for years. Do purchase the full-size tube if you like it, because it's way more economical!

    I'll have to check out the MAC lipcolors when they finally hit the stores this week in Belgium! Thanks for the recommendation xx

  4. Thanks! You know I have NEVER tried Fruits & Passion stuff... I think I should go check it out, especially after Stacey talked about that foot deodorant lol

  5. Thanks girl! and yep! I'm gonna stock up if I see them at the CCO... it's awesome!

  6. Hahaha... I'm sorry... or not lol.  And CONGRATS!  957 is a great brush.  I thought I didn't like it though the first time I tried it, weird eh!  I want to try 760 too!  Definitely gonna be getting one when I go to IMATS.  I have 953 too, but I like it for concealer.  It works wonders with the undereye concealer, so quick too!

    I really should buy the bigger size before my 15% coupon expires... But it's expensive... =P

    The lipcolours are awesome! Another popular one is Woo Me.  I like that too but I was tight on budget ><... Oh well...