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Sunday Summary (Feb. 12, 2012): It seems like it was all about shopping lately

February 12, 2012
Happy Sunday!  I'm sure you have noticed that this week has really been about shopping.  It's so happen that this is my birthday month, so I've gone a little overboard.  Anyhow, since I have missed a week of Sunday Summary, I'll include some posts from last last week as well.  Let's rewind...


Valentine's day is just around the corner.  I have been in a lash mode lately and have been really enjoying wearing them.  Check out my favourite pairs at the moment and see if you might try them out for Valentine's day =)

I am rather new to eBay.  I have always knew it and have browsed it, but just never bought anything off it.  Last year, I created an account to buy the infamous Focco bags.  I made my first beauty purchase on eBay this year for some Japanese beauty products.  I might have forgot to mention that everything I got was from a seller called alphabeautyuk.  See what I got from them!

Winterlicious is an annual food event in the City of Toronto.  This year, we pay a visit to Canoe, a highly praised restaurant by food critics in the city.  It is always fully booked and this year, there was no exception.  I was lucky enough to get a table at 2:15pm!  Let's see what we tried out this time.

Birthday is not just about the gifts, but gifts always make me happy, that's a no doubt.  I'm so happy that I got these wonderful gifts from friends and family.  They have made my birthday even more joyful!

I mentioned that me and my girls went to Buffalo last weekend.  It was so much fun and we got quite a bit of shopping done, especially me =P.  Of course, I know the most about what I want myself lol.  Check out my haul and see what I gifted myself for my birthday this year.

I have not shopped at MAC for so long because all the collection before was kind of "meh" to me.  But their latest Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection was particular intriguing.  I love the colour scheme.  It's so colourful and fun.  Not to mention, it is also great for Spring!  See what I got from this large collection!


This week I have some exciting stuff for my readers: my first giveaway! (yayyy!) Make sure you check it out!

x Rica

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