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You know you'll always be your best gift giver =P... 2012 Birthday/Buffalo Beauty Purchase

February 10, 2012
Yesterday, I posted about my trip Buffalo last weekend with Joyce, Emily, and Michele.  I shared a little (fail) photo + travel log with you guys.  Now it’s time to show what beauty products I got for myself for my birthday (there are two extra things that I got before the trip that are included here =P).  I didn’t really get a lot of beauty products , but there’s two that are more on the hefty side of the price tag...

Haul galore

First from Target, I got the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Treatment (US $2.89).  We have most of the Aussie products in Canada but not the 3 Minute Miracle.  I always wonder why, anyhow, I have always wanted to try it!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

I also got the e.l.f. Eye Primer (US $1), which I’ve mistaken it with the Mineral Eye Primer =/.  But it’s just $1, so the worst case is that I lost a dollar (trying to make myself feel better).  The best part about these two things is that they are super affordable drugstore products.  I kind of wished I’ve picked more up.

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer

There was a Sephora at Walden Galleria, so you know I have to pay a visit...  I finally caved and got Urban Naked2 Palette (US $50/CA $60) because it was $10 cheaper in the U.S..  Even with tax AND Canadian custom, you’ll be looking at around $58 versus $68 (tax included) in Canada, so I was more justified to get it.  On the other hand, I must say I really didn’t need it, but oh well =P.

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette

At Walmart, I got these nail polishes:

Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish Starter Kit by Nailene

Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish by Nailene: Taupe (L) and Pink Chiffon (R)

Actually, these are the new Sensationail by Nailene, which is an at home gel nail kit.  They only have between Raspberry Wine and a red colour in the Starter Kit (US $49.95) for me to choose.  I picked Raspberry Wine.  I also got two extra polishes (US $9.95 ea) and an essential kit (US $19.95).  To be honest, I don’t really wear reds, so I gave it along with the essential kit to Jessica @ BEAUTEZINE because I know she has been wanting to try Sensationail for a month or so.  (I think she likes it =D.)  

Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish Stater Kit by Nailene

Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish by Nailene: Pink Chiffon (L), Taupe (M),  and Raspberry Wine (R)

Anyway, nail application with this system is supposed to last for 2 weeks without chipping, like Shellac.  If it works out I’m going to get more colours when it becomes available in Canada!  It is one of the items that were on the top of my shopping list before my trip, and I’m so excited that I actually found it!

Lastly, from Charlotte Russe, I got a pocket mirror with lights for $1.99!  Amazing deal!

I would count this as a beauty product because how else would you use a pocket mirror with lights lol.

This concludes the beauty part of my buffalo haul.  But I actually did some shopping at Walmart the week before my trip (okay it was originally grocery shopping, and I just happen to see this there).  Here’s what I got:

I already have a Remington T Studio Curling Wand (CA $29.95) that I got last year from Target in Buffalo.  But this is a Waving Wand, it’s different.  It gives quite different results and I will compare them in another post.  But I can tell you one thing, I’m loving it =).  And the great things about this are that you can find this in Canadian Walmart and is relatively cheap compare to other styling tools =D.  Note: I did not see this at Target or Walmart in Buffalo, so I don’t know its availability in the U.S..

Another thing that I got, or receive (!?), is of course the Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment  SPF 15 Mini Duo: Original (L) and Rose (R)
Last year’s gift was Philosophy Birthday Cake Shower Gel, and I was like, “meh”.  (I’m not a huge bath product person mostly because I don’t have a bath tub.)  Anyway, this year, they are giving the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 Mini Duo - Original and Rose - (FREE!) to Birthday girls and boys!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 Mini Duo: Original (L) and Rose (R)

I’m super excited about this because I have always wanted them but thought $23 was too much for a lip balm.  Now I get to try it to see if I like it first.  So for those of you who have not signed up as a Beauty Insider at Sephora yet, go sign up and get a free birthday gift on your birthday!

And now, it really did conclude my Buffalo/birthday haul in 2012.  For my February birthday girls/boys, what did you get for yourself/what are you getting for yourself this birthday?

x Rica


  1. I made a little rant on twitter about not being able to find the 3-min miracle, people told me to look at Superstore and Zellers. Haven't been able to go anywhere due to the bus strike so I can't confirm. Glad you got it

  2. REALLY??? I was just at the mall today... I'm kicking myself for not going to Zellers!  I have already used it once, and it makes my hair so soft <3.... I want moreee lol

  3. Yaaaaay! Love it :D Great haul. :)

  4. Great Haul! You are going to LOVE the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Treatment! It smells like coconut (a fave of mine) and it makes your hair silky smooth :) I've always wondered why they don't sell it here in Canada either :( 

  5. I know! It has quite a pleasant smell.  The best part is that it's only 3 bucks!  It's super affordable as a hair treatment! Halifax said it might be available in Zellers and Superstore... I think I'll check it when I'm running low...

  6. ahhh Buffalo! I need to go there for some quick cheap shopping lol

  7. yep! it's a great place... I wish I could stay longer so that I get tax exemption lol