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I’m in a rush but let me put some MARCELLE BB Cream on first

March 1, 2012

MARCELLE BB Cream in Light To Medium

Ever since it caught my eyes at the Beauty Premiere, I have been so intrigued by the MARCELLE BB Cream and so determined to test it out!  I was given a sample size at the event, and have been using it since then, so it has been about 4 months.  It might be the most exciting product launch by a Canadian company ever (to me at least)! Even though I got the lab sample from PR, I still purchased the actual one from, you know I'd like to show what you get from the store =D.

MACELLE BB Cream in Light to Medium packaging

MACELLE BB Cream in Light to Medium packaging

MACELLE BB Cream in Light to Medium packaging

MACELLE BB Cream in Light to Medium packaging

Like most BB Cream in the market (Asian or Western), it comes in a tube packaging with a pump.  I wish all foundations are like this because it is more sanitary and less messy.  But I don't know if it's because the fact that I store my MARCELLE BB Cream flat, sometimes it doesn't pump properly (sometimes too little, sometimes nothing comes out).  Since the packaging is designed for it to stand up, you might want to store it vertically as well =).

MACELLE BB Cream in Light to Medium - the tube

MACELLE BB Cream in Light to Medium - the pump

As for the actual product, I love the colour of this BB Cream because it matches me perfectly (I use the light-to-medium shade).  It is neutral, almost yellow toned, which is quite rare for BB Creams.  A lot of Korean ones I've tried are usuallyquite grey, and hence the "whitening" effect. To be frank, a grey undertone ones is not flattering on everyone. I've seen a lot of ghostly faces with yellowed neck A LOT in real life. In fact, I have done it too!  But this wouldn't give you such an effect.  I'd say it is way more natural and flattering for most people.  I personally wouldn't use the medium-to-dark shade, because it's too dark for me, but I wentto the store and did a swatches of both colour side by side:

MARCELLE BB Cream Light to Medium

From L to R: MARCELLE BB Cream Light to Medium, Medium to Dark

It's supposed to "match" a variety of skintones.  Since it has self-adjusting pigments, it'll fit a wider range of skin tone with the two shades.  They say even olive skin girl will able to wear the medium to dark shade, which is not that much darker than the light to medium shade.  Still, it's got two shades rather than one shade fits all, so it's definitely a plus!  But I would love to see a darker colour so that women of colour could also enjoy BB Creams.  As for coverage, I would say it's light but not extremely sheer. It has more coverage than most tinted moisturizer. It doesn't cover all my acne scaring, but it does even out my skin tone.I still need concealer here and there to cover active breakouts or acne scaring.  But on my good skin days, I would just use it and set with powder and I'll be done.

This is a rather dry BB Cream. Usually the ones I've tried are very moisturizing, but it could be too greasy sometimes. This one is drier and quite good at oil controlling. It doesn't make my skin oily by 10am when I put it on before 8am. By noon though, I start to see shine showing through. But with a good blotting paper and powder you will have another few hours of shine-freeness. I would definitely set it with a shine control powder since I have quite oily skin.  The only thing I really really wish it comes with is Sun protection.  But rumour has it that they're working on that.  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

MARCELLE BB Cream Light to Medium: Lab Sample and the Real Thing (lol)

Overall, this BB Cream is unlike any other BB Cream I've tried because of its oil controlling property.  As for the skincare effect, I haven't really seen any, so I can't comment on that. I think ladies (and gents) with combination to oily skin and/or minor skin problem (just a bit of uneven skin tone or redness) would enjoy really enjoy this product. If your skin is dry, you'll need to prep your skin by moisturizing it really well right before you apply this BB Cream.

This is definitely becoming one of their star products as I've seen them selling out in different stores, Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart.  It retails for CA $19.95 ~ $22.95, depending where you get it.  I got mine from Walmart because I know they sell it for cheaper.  It is also available at Rexall and online,where US ladies can purchase it at their website as well.

I hope this helps some of you to decide whether or not should trythis product out. Anyway, please join me and welcome Canada's first BB Cream!

x Rica

Disclaimer: The full size packaging was purchased by me, and the labsample was provided by MARCELLE Cosmetics as a PR sample.  This post is not being sponsored, and I am not receiving compensation for reviewing this product.


  1. Dear Rica,

    I find it makes no difference whether I store my BB vertically or horizontally, BUT, it makes a difference how the tube is placed when I pump it. If I hold it horizontally instead of vertically, it seems like the airless mechanism doesn't agree with me. So far, It has never (*crosses fingers*) given me problems when I use it vertically :o) FYI!

  2. Thanks Isabel! See, why didn't I think of that!  I will try that out next time to see if it works for me =D.

  3. I'm still not able to find this in stores! But I did try out the sample that Joyce gave me! :) I'm still working on the review though! :( I'm so behindd!

  4. Walmart! I found mine at Walmart.  It was sold out at one point but they restock it pretty quickly =D.  Plus Walmart sells it for less lol

  5. Hi, I came via Beautezine and I enjoyed this post because you are the only blogger I've found so far who describes the coverage in a way that I (a non-product reviewer) understand; more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. So I am wondering if your acne scaring is red or brownish-purple spots? I find that makes a difference in how well a product covers. Mine are very red and the well EL Double Wear is my HG and they show through because I cannot find a concealer to cover them. 

  6. I have purple ones and red ones too, on top of my active ones.  On good skin days, I could get away with just wearing it with some powder (I use either MAC MSF or mark. Powder Buff because they have colour, so they provide extra coverage).

    But on bad skin day, this won't be enough for me, and I like to use MAC Studio Finish Concealer to cover them up.  I think the MAC Studio Finish Concealer does a really good job in coverage redness, it's my favourite concealer by far.  If you could match the limited shades, Hard Candy Glamouflage is a great one too.  I use a translucent setting powder or blot powder if I'm using a concealer.  But if I really need even more coverage, I would go for the ones with colour =).

    For reference, the tinted moisturizers I've tried that provide less coverage are Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer, Origins VitaZing, and MAC Studio Moisture Tint.  Laura Mercier may have similar coverage as the Marcelle BB Cream but it doesn't hold up with my oily skin.  Dior Hydralife Skin Tint though is basically like a light foundation, it give pretty great coverage =).

    I hope this helps!

    x Rica