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Kultra Tasting Event: Good food and company can have more than a comforting effect!

March 13, 2012
One thing about me is that eating is probably my second favourite "hobby", right after sleeping and followed closely by shopping.  So imagine me in a tasting event, needless to say, it's the best way of shed some stress after work!  The past Tuesday, Emily, Joyce, Michele (and her boyfriend) and I were invited to Kultra for their tasting event.

Kultra is different from other restaurants in town for the diversity in its menu, from Italian to Asian-fusion cuisine.  It distinguish themselves by offering small plates of food for sharing and tasting as oppose to the traditional 3 to 5 course meal.  They have also started catering services at their restaurant about a month ago.

Kultra is convenient located near King Street East and Jarvis Road in Toronto (169 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1J4), just steps away from the Financial District and Distillery District.  This means it is perfect for after hours drinking or dining for those of you who work in downtown Toronto.  It is a three stories restaurant with  bars on the first and second floor, and a private room for gatherings on the third floor.    It was quite easy to spot the restaurant because of its neon-colour-changing sign.

The atmosphere there was modern and chic.  It's less formal than some other higher-end restaurant, which means there's no pressure on formal dress code and it will be great for just a get-together type dinner with friends.

As I mentioned before, its menu features a wide variety of food.  The reason behind this is that their relatively new Executive Chef, Bernadette, who was born and raised in Hawaii, had a multicultural exposure of food due to her background.  She started experiencing with different types of food of different cultures at a young age.  And now at Kultra, she constantly revamps and recreates their menu, changes things up every three months.

Now the most important part of a restaurant is the food.  They were serving bite sizes items off their menu.  Even though the lighting was not very good, I tried to snap a picture of the food there as much as possible, here are some of the "nicer" ones...

Palak Paneer Naan

Mushroom Orecchiette

Asian Beef Tartar

Mediterranean Chicken Samosa

Hamachi Tataki

Hawaiian Garlic Lobster

Tempura Sushi

Hamachi Tataki

Tempura Sushi

Chai Black Cod

Mediterranean Naan

Ahi Tuna Cornets
My favourites have to be the Asian Beef Tartar and Hamachi Tataki.  The Mushroom Orecchiette was awesome too... If you can't tell by now, I love my Asian food lol.  It was a great experience to go to a tasting event, especially to a restaurant I have never been to.  But there are actually so much more to try!  The prices are quite reasonable too.  I already took a few flyers for the office so that next time, when we go to an office lunch, this would be one of the picks, hehe.  But I am definitely going to go back and try some new stuff, 'cause I think my boyfriend would really enjoy the Asian-fusion part of the menu =).

Have you been to Kultra (recently)?  How did you like the food?  What else is a must-have on the menu?  I would love to know!

x Rica

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