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Chic Chat: A Month in Review - March 2012

April 1, 2012
Some of you might have noticed that I haven't been posting as often lately.  First of all, I'm sorry for the lack of posts in my blog recently.  March was a stressful month for me, mostly because of things happened in my personal life...

With only two months away from the end of my current lease, I had to find a new place to rent.  It was a long and stressful process (especially with the housemate situation going on, which I have already vented about on Twitter so I'll spare you the details).  I would have started searching earlier if there was any available.  Unfortunately, because the law only permits landlords/real estate agents to list the property 60 days before the current lease end date, I had to start in March.

Finding an apartment to rent is much different than finding a room when I was in university.  Searching for a room back then was easy, because the university make things easy for you with their listing site and off campus housing help.  But real life is more complicated, you have to do everything yourself, and people don't like making things easy for you.  Sometimes they list an apartment as 1 bedroom when, in actuality, it's a bachelor apartment.  There's not even a separator thingy to make it a "room" (sarcastically quoted).  Sometimes they don't like to tell you if parking is included, so you have to email/call to ask.  I could go on and on with my rant, but I guess I should stop here.  Anyway, I'm glad to report that we have found a place to live!

I also had the most terrible week of 2012 during the last week of March.  Let's recap: got into car accident on Monday, lost my Presto card (for commute) on Tuesday, missed my train on Wednesday, train broke down at my station on Thursday (huge line for bus so I had to go on the train instead), another accident on Friday and my lunch was too spicy so it was not edible, cut my finger on Saturday... I think I should be glad that this week is over.  I thought staying at home could help me avoid accidents, but I cut my finger at home... so maybe I should just sleep it off till the luck comes back to me... hopefully in April!

It's already the worst month of the year, but there're still some good things that have happened...

I had the chance to attend various events, including a few shows of the World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto.  Rushing to show to and from work was definitely not fun, but regardless the shows themselves are great.  Maybe next time I should take half a day off on those days so that it'll be more relaxing for me.  The most important thing in making the shows enjoyable is to go with friends (aka Joyce, Emily, and Michele lol).

On March 18, I also went to the Toronto Beauty Bloggers Brunch with my TOBB ladies =D.  Milestone brunch was pretty great, and chatting with TOBB ladies is awesome!  They are so inspirational in a lot of different aspects, not just makeup.  I also finally get to meet Lelo (@leloartistry aka my Walmart buddy lol) in person, and met two new friends @Ellaprettyblog and @walkinthecloset.  These ladies have great sense of fashion, accessories, and home decor.  I definitely have a lot to learn from them!

I also went to the MAC warehouse sale last weekend (huge thanks to Joyce and Winnie!), which was pretty great comparing to the past few sales, especially the charity bag part!  I'll be doing a separate post on my haul and experience!

Anyway, March was very eventful, both in a good way and a bad way.  I'm glad that it's over though.  I really hope my luck gets better starting now...  I hope this blog post didn't bore you guys, but I want to give you guys an update with my life.  I haven't forgotten my blog.  I have been wanting to post more, but sometimes life catches up.  I'm sure many of you can relate.  Hopefully I would be able to post more than I did in March this month.  With moving coming up though, I'm not so sure how consistent I could keep up.  but I'll definitely try!

x Rica

P.S. I'm sorry that this post is not chic at all...


  1. Hey glad to hear your updates although I wish they were happier! But you seem to be in good spirits about everything that has happened so that's the important part! And so glad you found a place to rent! I remember those days too, not fun you essentially have to commit on the spot too!

  2. Thanks lady!  Everything is almost settled, which is good =). I'm so excited for my move, I can't wait to move closer to work lol.

  3. thanks for this review