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June 19, 2012
It was the day that I came back home from the MARCELLE/ANNABELLE Beauty Unveiling, when I asked my boyfriend to take some pictures of my outfit. I realized I have not done an OOTD for a while now. My apologies. But here it is, my outfit I wore to the Beauty Unveiling event!

Mint Cardigan: Lowry's Farm
Peachy Nude High-Low Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Comes with another dress from Forever 21
Bag: Miu Miu Lux Vitello Bow
Shoes: From Hong Kong
Now let's try an awkward swing so we can see the "low" of the dress.

This is the first time I am wearing my new Miu Miu bag in Canada. My brother got it for me in London when he was visiting Europe. I did my research and see that it's cheaper to buy in the UK, so I got a good deal =). I was debating between the light pink and the pale pink. It's a shame that Holts does not carry Miu Miu anymore, so I can't even see it in person before I made the call. But we (my brother and his girlfriend and I) thought there's a greater chance that I will not like the pale pink one (which is more of a peach orangey light pink), so we went with the light pink. Then, one day I saw my coworker's girlfriend holding that bag, and I thought, "that colour is cute too" LOL. But regardless, I love my new bag =).

So, here's a hey-look-what-I-got look...

The strap of this bag cannot be adjusted, so wearing it as a messenger bag is actually kind of long. I like the look but I also like wearing it on my shoulder, short. So I decided to shorten the strap by clipping two clips on one side. And here's the end result:

On to the shoes... I normally can't tolerate heels but these new wedges are quite amazing. I didn't feel tired wearing it all night!  I think I have found my comfortable heels =D.

Finally, a normal shot...

Finally, I would need some advice here. How else would you style this high-low skirt? I like it with my mint cardigan because it's less showy. But what other colours can I pair this dress with? How about shoes and accessories? Please let me know.  I would love to get more out of this dress!

x Rica


  1. I love that dress! you could wear a really light sweater or a shirt over it to make it look like a skirt!
    and so glad you decided to go with the light pink in the end!! I love it :)

  2. Rainy Days & LattesJune 19, 2012 at 1:07 PM

    You look really cute ;) I love the heels!

  3. BOTH dresses are gorge!!! Stalking your blog-- fun times lol xx

  4. Oh! I did not think of that! Now I'm gonna try it! Thanks for the suggestions Naghmenh =)

  5. Thanks girl! The heels are surprisingly comfortable... I want another pair lol

  6. haha... glad you like it! Thanks!

  7. I love your bag it's so pretty and goes well with the dress

  8. thanks! I should find this dress again because summer is coming up soon!

  9. pretty pretty dress! i love your color combination on this OOTD... so refreshing to look at...