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The Travel Chic: Off to the LaLaLand...

June 23, 2012
Hello all from California!

IMATS LA at Pasadena Convention Centre!!!
I am currently in Pasadena, CA with a few of my girlfriends (Stacey from StaceyBrennan on YouTube, Jessica and Pascale from Beautezine).  We're here to attend the annual IMATS LA at the Pasadena Convention Centre!  We will also be doing some sightseeing and shopping around LA too.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend!

It is our first day in Cali today, and it did not start off great.  First, I slept in and woke up at 6am when my flight was at 6:25am.  It scared the crap out of me and got my girls worried about me too =(.  But things start to get better once I got on another flight and go to LA.  Luckily, there was an 8am flight to Chicago, connecting to LA.  I still got there at 12:45pm, which is only 45 minutes later than the original one.  I'm so glad that American Airlines have great services and frequent flights!  So glad that I am here now!  Anyway, then the day got better when we start browsing around the city.  Look at all the city views... clear sky, palm trees, loveeee!!

A little street mall near IMATS LA
macy's! Not that exciting, I know... lol

Chef's school

Beautiful Palm Trees!!!

We got super hungry and start looking for food and found this restaurant called Kings Row on the tourist map LOL.  Even though the service wasn't amazing, the food was great!  Each of us order this Pulled Pork Sandwich, which was served with fries with Parmesan cheese =D.  It's funny that we all got the same thing.

Kings Row Gastropub... They have pretty great food!
Slightly fancy entrance lol
Menu... they'll never get poutine right but their pulled pork sandwich was delicishhhh
Not many people cuz it was 4pm in LA but 7pm in our system!

Ahhh... so good!!!
The Parmesan cheese is a very nice touch!
After food, we got a little bit of shopping done at the shops nearby.  Stacey got a pair of glitter Steve Madden heels for $11.99 at DSW, and Pascale found her wedding shoes (yay!).

At night, we went say hi to a couple beauty vlogger/blogger whose names and links I'll include when I'm less tired =P.  Then we head to pinkberry which has the best Froyo ever!!!  I'm gonna have one every night now!  We also got macaroons from lette and it was so good and not too sweet at all!  Grrrr, it's gonna be a fattening trip!

pinkberry original yogurt with kiwi and mango
a macaroon xmas tree?
The coconut macaroon was so delicious.  I'm gonna get some for my friends!

So the first day at Cali wasn't so bad, it's actually pretty great, other than the fact I had this panic moment in the morning.  Anyhow, I must go to sleep now.  It's going to be a long day tomorrow!  I'll talk to you guys soon!

x Rica