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Something of the Day (Sunday)... WOTD Day 6 & 7 + NOTD

July 15, 2012
I have gone very simple for the past weekend because, well, it's weekend!  It's also because I just got this bracelet below as a gift from my boyfriend so I wanted to wear it alone =).  And hence, only one post for WOTD Day 6 and 7 =P.

He got me the Return to Tiffany™ bead bracelet.  It's such a classic bracelet that I don't think it'll go out of trend.  Also, it's silver so it'll be easy to pair with many outfits.  He wants me to wear it every day, but to be honest, I'll just try my best LOL.  Hey, some girls like variety in their accessories =P.  But I do see this to become an absolute staple in my every day outfit!

Now, on to something completely different.  I was on a mission to find a new Essie nail polish, Penny Talk, which is one of the most discussed nail polish in their Mirror Metallics collection for this Summer.  I wasn't able to find it on Friday.  But I finally found it in a local salon!  And I'm already wearing it =)

It's like what everyone says, the perfect rose gold colour for your nails.  I did have slight trouble in the application of the nail polishes at first.  But I find if I roll the bottle before I apply it, it gives a smoother application.  Yes, don't shake the bottle, roll it.  Shaking the nail polish might actually give you bubbles when the nail polish dries.

Lastly, on to something else completely unrelated.  I have been testing out a few drugstore BB Creams, and I have been quite impressed with most of them, on a different level, of course.  Can you guess which ones they are?  But generally, they do perform pretty well and I can't wait to share a more in depth review on each of them!
Something exciting...
Anyhow, I hope you all had a nice weekend.  I already know this week is going to be a hectic week at work.  Hopefully, I would still be able to blog once or twice before the weekend.  Until next time!

x Rica


  1. That's such a pretty bracelet! I personally can't wear bracelets (I'm too clumsy. I bump around all the time and I don't want to break anything), but this looks gorgeous on you! Penny Talk is one fun color! Can't wait for the collection to come out here :)

  2. I wanted that bracelet, but a few girls I know already have unfortunately won't be getting one...booo. lol Its what happened w their infamous chain bracelet as well. I was too slow >_<

    anyway the mirror metallics looks great on you!

  3. Thanks! I'm clumpsy too but I love bracelet lol. I just try not to go to dangerous places like near glasses or something lol.

    And I love Penny Talk, maybe I should get an extra bottle...

  4. I think some of my friends might have it but I don't really care cuz it's not like you can't wear the same thing :P. As long as you do it better! lol

    And thanks! I'm loving this nail polish!

  5. true, but when the great majority have them, not as fun. unless you bought it as a friendship thing~ thats how i feel so I didn't buy it. then again I don't have a fun arm candy collection like you to dress it up.

  6. I wanted this bracelet as well but the one with the tiffany blue heart :) It's so pretty! :)

  7. LOVE that bracelet!! & That polish is on my wish list :)

  8. nice bracelet