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Sometimes less is more, especially when you have an important date... WOTD Day 4

July 12, 2012
I can't believe I'm already half way through my one week challenge.  It really does push me to shop my stash and try to be more creative :).  Anyhow, I got an important date tonight.  I don't know where I'm going but I know I want to look put together, yet it won't look like I'm trying too hard.  So I'm going to keep things simple...

The bangle with crystal shown here is from Swarovski.  It was a gift from my aunt, so I don't even know when this came out.  It was sitting in her drawer for too long, so she handed it down to me =).  Well, I'm just going to put it to use then!  This bangle is quite small, even for my small wrists.  So I have to be careful when I put it on because it can pinch your skin, just like the first time my aunt put it on my wrist =.="...  So if you're buying similar things from Swarovski, make sure to take your time putting it on!  I'm pairing it with a J.Crew bangle that was shown in my yesterday's WOTD.

Now, this might seem a little boring, so let's take a look what other jewelery that I have prepared for my important night...

I'm a dainty jewelery person, especially when it comes to necklaces.  So this double star necklace (non-detachable) that I got from Taiwan Wufenpu Night Market is right up my alley!

To fit my dainty, simple kind of theme, I'm wearing these pearl earrings from Tous.  I love that little detail that the Tous bear is on the pearl.  Even the earring backs are of bear shape, how cute!  A little random fact about me, I like bears <3.

To finish it off, I'm wearing my most worn rings for the past year.  It was a mock-Twilight Bella engagement ring from Emitations.  It's surprisingly small when I saw it in person, but it still look pretty great (nothing light the gorgeous ring Edward gave Bella though).  I like to wear it on my index finger simply because it's too big for other fingers lol.

So that's me trying to keep things simple.  It's still sparkly, but I assure you it's not like in-your-face sparkly.  Let's see if the dress I'm wearing tonight will go with these jewelery =P.

x Rica

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