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It's August and it's the month of BB Creams

August 1, 2012
It has been a busy Summer in the office the past month...

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When I say busy, I meant staying over time every single day.  But being busy is better than not busy at all, but that means something else will have to compromise, and in this case it's my blog.  The good news is that part of it is over, no more staying overly late every night, some nights, but not all.  Well, I can't say for sure for the next two weeks but we'll see.  I want to give a little update and let you guys know that I'm still here and I'm not abandoning my blog.  It is taking a hit right now, but it's inevitable.

On to some beauty related note, this month will be a month of BB Cream!  I'm kind of a BB Cream hoarder...  I don't collect them but I do have a soft spot if the product seems like it'll do a good job.  Having tested out so many different kind of Asian BB Creams, I have a good sense of what I'd like to look for whenever I try a new one.  American high-street and high-end brands have jumped on this bandwagon since last year, almost every brand now has a BB Cream, so it's time for me to test out some of them that are out in the market.  I'm going to focus first mainly on western drugstore BB Creams first because I believe that's more readily available for you guys.

Can you guess what which one I will be reviewing first?  Here's a hint...

This should be an easy guess...

x Rica

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