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Perfect Blend of Gloss and Stain: L'Oreal Paris Caress Shine Stains | Review & Swatches

May 21, 2013
L'Oreal Caress Shine Stains, from L to R: Eternally Nude, Pink Rebellion,
Pink Resistance, Infinite Fuchsia, Lilac Ever After
Earlier this year, L'Oreal Paris has a launched a new line of glossy lip stains — L'Oreal Paris Caress Shine Stain (CA $12.99 / US $9.99), that is said to be a dupe for the luxurious YSL Glossy Stains I first got a sneak peek of this product at the L'Oreal Paris Holiday Party last year, and I immediately wanted all of them.  Dupability aside, let's talk about the product on its own.

From L to R: Eternally Nude, Pink Rebellion,
Pink Resistance, Infinite Fuchsia, Lilac Ever After
All these Caress Shine Stains come in a gorgeous gold tube with a see through part so you can tell EXACTLY what shade you are getting.  I really like the tube because it has a flat top so it can stand on its own in my lippies drawer.  They come with a flexible, flat top, tapered doe-foot applicator (that's a whole lot of adjectives lol), which allows you to have more control with the application.

From L to R: Eternally Nude, Pink Rebellion,
Pink Resistance, Infinite Fuchsia, Lilac Ever After
I have 5 of these Shine Stains...
  • Eternally Nude*: a brownish nude pink
  • Pink Rebellion: a blue tone barbie pink
  • Pink Resistance*: a peachy pink
  • Infinite Fuchsia: a deep berry fuchsia
  • Lilac Ever After*: a mauve with gold shimmer
I find that pigmentation varies across all these shades, but basically the darker the colour, the more pigmented it is, which is the reason that I bought Pink Rebellion and Infinite Fuchsia.  Infinite Fuchsia is super pigmented (as with other deeper shades that I have tested out in store or at the party).  Pink Rebellion and Eternally Nude are of medium pigmentation.  Whereas Pink Resistance and Lilac Ever After both provide a sheerer coverage, which basically darken/tint my natural lip colour.  You can build it up by applying more layers but that requires more work and time.  One tip I find is that you get better results when you wait for the stain to set before applying another layer.

The formula itself is nice because it does provide a stain, pigmentation aside.  It gives a glossier finish when you layer it on, otherwise, the effect would be more subtle.  It has a smooth texture with the cooling sensation.  It has a hint of fragrance that fades away quickly.  It's generally non-sticky but if you apply more coats, it could get a bit more tacky.  The lasting power of these stains are quite good (about 4~6 hours depending what I eat in between).  But I would reapply after meals just in case.

Top: Gloss & Stain, Bottom: Stain; Swatches from L to R: Lilac Ever After,
Infinite Fuchsia, Pink Resistance, Pink RebellionEternally Nude
Now, is it a dupe for YSL Glossy Stains?  Some say yes, some say it's a long shot.  Well, I say "you get what you paid for".  While the formula, texture, scent, finish, and right down to the applicator are all very similar, the Caress Shine Stains suffer in pigmentation when we compare them to the YSL counterpart.

From L to R: YSL Glossy Stain in #17 Encré Rose, L'Oreal Paris Caress Shine Stain in Pink Rebellion
From L to R: YSL Encré Rose, L'Oreal Pink Rebellion
Top row, L to R: Lilac Ever After, Infinite Fuchsia, Pink ResistancePink Rebellion, Eternally Nude
Bottom row, L to R: 
L'Oreal Pink Rebellion, YSL Encré Rose
YSL Glossy Stains give great coverage with just one swipe, whereas L'Oreal Caress Shine Stains might require a few more coats, depending on the shade.  That's not to say they are bad products, don't get me wrong.

Eternally Nude Swatches - Top: Gloss & Bottom: Stain
Pink Rebellion Swatches - Top: Gloss & Bottom: Stain
Pink Resistance Swatches - Top: Gloss & Bottom: Stain
Infinite Fuchsia Swatches - Top: Gloss & Bottom: Stain
Lilac Ever After Swatches - Top: Gloss & Bottom: Stain
I do feel the L'Oreal Paris Caress Shine Stain is a great range of lip products, drugstore or makeup in general, and I would recommend it in a heart beat.  In fact, Pink Rebellion and Infinite Fuchsia are one of my most reached for lip products ever since I got them if you don't count lip balms.  Will I repurchase them?  Absolutely, but I will probably only be getting the deeper shades because I know those are the more pigmented ones, and you definitely get more value for your buck this way.


Quality:8.5/10 (7.5/10 for lighter shades)
8.5/10 (8/10 for lighter shades)

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Until next time,

x Rica

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*Disclaimer: Some of the products (or colours/shades) mentioned in this post were provided to The Office Chic as press samples (noted with asterisk).  As always, all the opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way influenced by any advertiser, affiliate, public relations firm or brands.


  1. Ella Pretty BlogMay 21, 2013 at 2:00 PM

    Great swatches and photos! I didn't realize how pigmented the darker shades were - the Fuchsia looks gorgeous on your lips!

  2. Thanks girl! The darker shades are definitely better quality! Infinite Fuchsia is the winner here!

  3. Pin Resistance looks like a must have! The packaging on these is awesome it looks way more expensive than it is

  4. I think these are a great dupe, as someone who has both. I have the more pigmented shades, so that's probably why! ;)

  5. WOW, I love these swatches! Must buy some. :)

  6. I agree that the more pigmented shades are great dupes. But for lighter shades, YSL excels in that department. However, for $10~13, it's a great deal (especially great when you catch them on sale, like I did, haha)

  7. Thanks! Let me know how it goes :)

  8. Pink Resistance is quite nice even though it's not the most pigmented. And they totally look expensive lol