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L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara | Mascara Monday

May 13, 2013
Happy Mascara Monday!

Being a beauty blogger, or a beauty junkie in general, I rarely repurchase mascaras because there are so many out there for me to try.  But L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes* is a mascara is one of the 3 mascaras that I have repurchased more than ones over the past few years (I shall review the rest in other Mascara Mondays).

Mascara Monday is a irregular series of reviews about mascaras that are posted on Mondays.  For your information, I have pin straight lashes that don't hold curl properly.  They are also thin and not quite long.

This is quite a big fat tube lol.
The packaging is in a nice fat gold tube, which provides a pretty nice grip. It has a secured lock that makes a click sound, i.e. you know when you have close your mascara tightly after you use it. The wand is not your traditional brush, it is a plastic wand with longer bristles or spikes. The size of the wand is pretty big but this means it does its job quite quickly. The placement of the bristles makes helps it separate my lashes and avoid clumps. I feel like the wand is the key to give the defined finished look.

The wand is spikey and flexible
This mascara has a rather wet formula but not to the point that it never dries out.  It doesn't mean that it  won't set on your eyes though, usually by the time I'm done with the second eye, the first eye would be dried already.  The best part is how black this mascara is, it's pretty darn close to the blackest black!  I also find it hold curls really well for my pin straight lashes throughout the day, even the 16 hour work days.  But don't expect fresh looking results after a long day because that's just unrealistic (to me at least).  As much as I like the definition and the length, I do wish it provides a bit more volume like its sister, the original Voluminous.  I haven't found the perfect way to layer this mascara with another one yet, but if the two can have a baby, it'll probably give me great lashes lol.

Here's a before and after in different angles...

T to L: Before, After (front, side, lower angle view)
I'd like to point out, although it is a non-waterproof mascara, it does take some effort to take it off (and hence the long wearing).  Also after a while, it doesn't provide the same result when it starts to dry up (probably around the 3 month mark).  I just remembered when its life was coming to an end, I started to get clumpy results and it's not pretty.  So that's when you know you need to get a new one!

I would definitely repurchase this mascara in the future, but not right now because I'm still trying out a couple different ones.  If you like defined lashes and needs some more "curl-holding power", then you might want to check this one out.



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x Rica

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  1. I have been using voluminous black for a while and I love it's result so when I saw this I decided to give it a try I was expecting it would give more volume than the original voluminous black as the name is voluminous million lashes but you are right it does not provide much volume but I like that it separates the lashes well

  2. Your lashes so long compare to mine!! JELLY!

  3. This is one of my favourites, too!

  4. L'oreal makes the best drugstore mascaras in my opinion! I loved this mascara too and will be repurchasing it again soon! Right now I am using the original voluminous!

  5. I think that consistency of the mascara is what matters - not too thick, not too wet. I also noticed that if you are looking for volume, you need to find a dense bristle brush...whereas for length I would totally go with a mascara that is wetter and has rubber bristles. I'm asian with short, but naturally curled lashes -- they are sparse but I'm learning to deal with them haha!

  6. What a fantastic mascara!

  7. that's what I like about it too, I feel that the definition gives an illusion of longer lashes (but I do want volume as well lol)

  8. Thanks girl! Mine are no where near other people's lashes that I have seen... They don't even need mascara

  9. glad we agreed on this! haha

  10. The original voluminous is great too, I can see why it is a cult favourite

  11. Thanks for the tips! Now that I think about it the denser bristles do provide better volume... If only if there's a best of both world... Or is there one like that already and I haven't found it yet? Let me know if you know of one :D

  12. This is actually one of the mascaras that I always re-purchase. Better than loreal telescopic in my opinion

  13. I've only tried the newest telescopic. I like that one, but this one is probably my favourite L'Oreal mascara