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Benefit Cosmetics New Products for Fall 2013 | Gimme Brow! & Rockateur Box O' Powder | Beauty News & Photos

August 22, 2013
Benefit Cosmetics never cease to impress.  This fall, they are adding a new member to the Box O'Powder family and a brand new brow product to their brow-grooming line.

Let's talk about the new Benefit Rockateur Box O' Powder* (CA $36 / US $28).  The tag line for this product is: "for girls who don't blush easy".  This cheek powder is a beautiful rose gold colour.  You all probably know how much I like my Box O' Powders, I was actually wondering when they are releasing a new one since it has been a while.  On top of that rose gold has been my obsession for the past two years.  So this rose gold in a Box O' Powder might be the perfect combination yet.

Another new release is the Benefit Gimme Brow* (CA $26 / US $22).  Like its name suggest, it is designed to give an illusion of more brow.  I personally have pretty sparse brow and I know I am not the only one who would accidentally give a bald spot our brows.  Available in two shades (light/medium and medium/deep), this product promised that it will be "building brows where before there were none".  Plus, it is supposed to be water-resistant, long-wearing, and natural-looking.  All these sounds so magical.

Both will be available in September 2013, I am very excited to try these out (well too excited that I tried Gimme Brow before taking pictures... but I don't want to spoil, haha).  Be sure to check back later to see my two cents on these brand new products!

Now, am I the only one who's that clumsy to pluck more than I should?  Let me know if you have done that before! ;)

Until next time,

x Rica

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  1. I thought it quite fitting that you used the skeleton background! Can't wait to hear your review of the blush!

  2. I am pretty excited about the new Benefit blush.. it looks so pretty!