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The Travel Chic | A Walk on the High Line | OOTD | Forever 21, VANS, Kenneth Reaction

September 6, 2013

During the Summer, my boyfriend and I made a trip to New York City for our anniversary.  One of my favourite tourist spot that we went to was the High Line, which is an "above ground park" that is constructed on an old railway.  Very unique, don't you think?

Did I mention they have a cooling/sunbathing area?  This little lad right here wouldn't stop "falling" on the water because it's cool lol.

We went during the week when storms are supposed to hit the city, so the whole time it was so hot, and when it's not raining, the sun is scorching… perfect for travelling, right?  NOT!  So I have relied on my sundresses, shorts, and flip flops.

Dress & Hair Tie: Forever 21 | Sandals: Kenneth Reaction | Backpack: VANS

NYC is definite one of my favourite cities to visit because the rich art culture, the good food, and the skyline; and High Line is one place that you can see the city pretty well from a not so high ground.  I would definitely recommend visiting the High Line, but maybe on a cooler day.  Some shave ice at the end of the walk was a total lifesaver!  At any rate, I am sure that I will go back soon :)

I really can't wait till my next vacation. I have always liked travelling but my wallet doesn't allow me to go too far. Hopefully next year we will get to go to somewhere exciting. Do you have a trip planned? I'd love to live vicariously through your journey!

Until next time,

x Rica


  1. the High Line was actually a surprisingly nice walk. we went in Feb and my friend wanted to keep walking until she saw 'the green parts' b/c she saw them in photos and i was like, 'dude, its feb....the 'green parts' only come out in spring' LOL
    glad you had a good trip!


    A Beautiful Zen

  2. Thanks girl! I really enjoyed High Line (I think I would enjoy it even more if it wasn't boiling that day)... I love the way they built it on the old track, you can see the history while walking down to see the skyline. Just love it. I also like that they sold snow cone for that VERY hot day lol.

  3. Rhea Liza Lirios MunozJanuary 5, 2014 at 11:56 PM

    thanks for sharing your experience with us. How I wish I could visit that place too... Nice environment..