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LUSH Holiday Treats 2013 Collection | Photos & Information

October 31, 2013

Every year, LUSH Cosmetics comes out with an extensive collection on their holiday treats, this year is no exception... The list is so long that it took me hours to put together the price and pictures.  But they're so pretty to look at.  With Halloween gone (almost), it's time to embrace the upcoming Holiday Season with some of your LUSH's luscious (get it?) bath and body favourites!

Bath Bombs (L to R, T to B): Cinders ($4.95), Bombardino ($5.25), Golden Wonder ($6.95), Father Christmas ($6.40), Lord of Misrule ($5.95)

Bath Bombs (L to R, T to B): Luxury Lush Pud ($6.95), Secret Santa ($9.95), Shoot for the Stars ($6.95), Snowman ($5.95), So White ($6.45)

From L to R, T to B: Body Butter: Sandy Santa ($9.95); Bath Melts: The Melting Snowman ($5.95), Star Light Star Bright ($6.95); Body Lotions: Celebrate ($29.95), Sikkim Girls ($29.95)

Bubble Bars (L to R, T to B): Christmas Eve ($7.45), The Christmas Penguin ($7.45), Magic Wand ($9.95), Candy Mountain ($7.45)

Shower Gels (L to R, T to B): Snow Fairy, Rose Jam, Ponche (for all $10.95 per 100ml/3.3 fl oz., $19.95 per 250ml/8.8 fl oz., $29.95 per 500ml/16.1 fl oz.)

Soaps (L to R, T to B): Snowcake ($8.95), Angels Delight ($6.75), Mr. Punch ($7.85), Orange Jelly ($7.85),  Snow Globe ($8.95), Noriko ($7.85)

From L to R, T to B: Fun: Gold Fun ($6.95); Facial Cleanser: Bûche de Noeël ($12.95)Sparkle Bar Snow Fairy Sparkle ($6.95)Lip Tints: Santa Baby ($8.95)Lip Scrub: Santa's ($8.95)

Gift Sets Under $20 (L to R, T to B): Fun Christmas ($8.95), Joy to the World ($14.95), Snowman Invasion ($12.95), I Want Candy ($14.95), Ho Ho Ho ($14.95), Snow Fairy Cone ($14.95), Rosy Christmas ($15.95), Zing ($16.95), Baby Frosty ($17.95)

Gift Sets Under $30 (L to R, T to B): Snow Fairy Box ($22.95), Party Time Goodies ($22.95), Christmas Kisses ($22.95), Mrs. Frosty ($23.95), Mr. Frosty ($23.95), Festive Goodies ($24.95), Best Wishes ($24.95), Woweeee ($28.95), Fun Tin ($29.95)

Gift Sets Under $40 (L to R, T to B): All the Best ($34.95), Pudding ($35.95), Igloo ($35.95), Santa's Workshop ($35.95), Shooting Stars ($37.95), Home for Christmas ($39.95)

Gift Sets Under $50 (L to R, T to B): Treats ($44.95), Merry Christmas ($45.95), Snap!! ($45.95), Happy Christmas ($47.95), Christmas Friends ($48.95), Jolly Hollydays ($49.95)

Gift Sets Under $100 (L to R, T to B): Stardust ($55.95), Season's Tweetings ($59.95), Sweet Christmas ($69.95), Getting Ziggy with It ($77.95), Christmas Bathtime Favourites ($89.95)

Gift Sets, the biggy (L to R, T to B): White Christmas ($109.95), Fab Christmas ($139.95), A Christmas Carol ($249.95), Wow! ($249.95)

I have way too much on my wish list... All those cute looking things like Magic Wand, Snow Fairy Sparkle, Sandy Santa, The Christmas Penguin, Candy Mountain, the Melting Snowman, Star Light Star Bright, Father Christmas ... WANTS TOO MANY!  For gift sets, there is a big check mark next to the Christmas Friends for the cutest sets.  Just can't wait to get to a LUSH store and just stare at them lol.  And it's lush, it's for sure going to smell good!  They are all available right now online!  They should be out in the store soon if not now :)

What's on your Lush List? (get it?)  haha... what is wrong with me today with all the puns?

Until next time,

x Rica

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