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Urban Decay NAKED2 Basics is Coming Soon! | Beauty News

August 10, 2014
Images from Urban Decay

UDers rejoice!  We have loved all the NAKED palettes from 1 to 3.  Many of us love the NAKED Basics palette even more.  A lot of us often say, "I wish there are more shades in the NAKED Basics palette".  Guess what?  Urban Decay heard us and they will be releasing the NAKED2 Basics soon.

Images from Urban Decay

Every NAKED palette has a theme and will feature neutral shades that fit the theme
Images from Urban Decay

Images from Urban Decay

Now the new NAKED2 Basics features "6 TAUPE-hued matte neutrals" (they said that but they're not actually all matte):
  • Skimp: pale nude satin
  • Stark: nude-pink matte
  • Frisk: warm gray matte
  • Cover: muted red-brown matte
  • Primal: muted brown matte
  • Undone: deep, smoky brown matte
Like the NAKED Basics palette, it is designed to be suitable for everyone, every skin tone.  With eyeshadows, you can count on Urban Decay to give you richly pigmented and buttery smooth shades.

I do own all the NAKED palettes, but I still want this new one.  I can't wait when it becomes available!  I have already signed up for notification.  Hopefully we hear more from Urban Decay before it's available for sale (more than just an Instagram teaser), because we know it's going to fly off the shelf.

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  1. I'm not that crazy excited for this one buuuut... I'll probably still get it. Can't ever have enough neutrals!

  2. LOL that's how they get us! I keep getting drawn to neutral palettes, it's a problem =P

  3. I love my first basics palette, but don't think I'll run for this as the colors are pretty similar. I wish they'd do without the satin shade, though...hate that one in the first palette!