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Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Lip Duo: Mrs. Mia Wallace Revolutionary Lipstick and 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner | Review, Photos, & Swatches

August 22, 2014

When Urban Decay brainstormed the Pulp Fiction Collection, it started with just a lipstick (that red Mrs. Mia Wallace worn in the movie, but has expanded to a 5 item collection.  They knew from the start that to achieve Mrs. Mia Wallace' signature look, you will for sure need that deep blood red lip.  Therefore Urban Decay has created Mrs. Mia Wallace Revolutionary Lipstick, and a 24/7 Lip Liner in Mrs. Mia Wallace to go with it!

The Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace Revolutionary Lipstick (CA $26 / US $22) is said to be a "deep blood red".  However, it is actually a bit brighter and more vibrant than described.  The formula is rich and smooth, but it doesn't feel heavy on the lips.  I love that it is non-drying, yet it stays put quite well.  The best thing about this lipstick is how pigmented and creamy it is.  Red lip lovers are gonna absolutely love this lipstick.  The only bad thing about it is the shape of this lipstick, which is of a round shape, so it takes a bit of time and practice to create those sharp edges if you're not using a lip brush.  Note: no lip brush was used in the lip swatch below.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Revolutionary Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Revolutionary Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace swatch on lips

If you want your lip colour to last extra long and stay in place (i.e. no feathering), Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner in Mrs. Mia Wallace (CA $24 / US $20) is going to do the job.  It is basically the same colour as its sister lipstick.  It glides on easily to prime the lips and prevent lipstick going out of place.  It can also be worn alone for a matte lip look.  But if you want the creamy finish, you will need to add a gloss or a balm on top of it (or the lipstick).  It also helps to shape the lips, given that the Revolutionary Lipstick has a round shape, this will help to define the lips.  Of course, it acts as a base so even if your lipstick wears off throughout the day, you will still have a base colour.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner in Mrs. Mia Wallace

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner in Mrs. Mia Wallace swatch on lips

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner in Mrs. Mia Wallace as a base with Revolutionary Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace on top - swatch on lips

My favourite way to wear them is to pair the two together to maximize the wear and the intensity.  This red is such a flattering red, because it is of a cool tone, your teeth looks whiter with this lip colour on.  The lipstick also has some shine in it so it makes your lips look bigger.  Overall, the Mrs. Mia Wallace lip duo is a winner of this collection for me.  I love that both the lipstick and lip liner are so opaque and long lasting.  If you need to get one thing from this collection, I would highly recommend choosing among this duo (or you can get both), especially if you love or if you are looking for a good red.

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x Rica

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  1. This is such a gorgeous collection and the lip colours are stunning on you! xo

  2. I would buy lipsticks :)

  3. I would buy concealers!

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    Thank you so much for the opportunity! :D

  5. I ordered the palette and the nail polish when they went on sale at Sephora, but I think I need to invest in the lipstick. It really is stunning!

  6. Those are such great deals! I wonder if the lipstick will ever go on sale. But let me tell you, this lipstick + lipliner didn't budge when I'm practically kissing my microphone on stage! So I'd say it's worth the investment!

  7. Wow! Gorgeous red lips!

  8. Ooh I really like the lip liner. It looks just like their eyeliner haha