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Benefit Roller Lash Launches Today | Before & After on My Pin Straight Lashes

February 27, 2015

It has been a couple years since Benefit brought out They're REAL mascara that tops the best selling charts in the makeup world.  Today, Benefit launches a brand new mascara that promise to "hooks, lifts, and curls lashes" and last for 12-hours long—Benefit Roller Lash (CA $29 / US $24).

Benefit Roller Lash comes in this super cute packaging with the handle looking like a pink hair roller.  Doesn't Benefit just always nail it with the packaging?  The sillicone-y plastic pink handle actually provides a good grip and therefore great control when you apply the mascara.

The rubber brush head is designed to be curvy with small hooks to catch every lash.  It is just the right size to fit most, if not all size of eyes.  Benefit calls it the Hook 'n' Roll brush and it's patent pending.


The consistency of the formula reminds me of a gel-liquid.  It is not too runny but not too dry.  It gives you enough time to play and build, so it won't be flakey.  One thing they promised with their formula is that it's curve-setting, which I believe to be quite true to claim.  It also has a black ink shade which makes your lashes stand out even more.

I have pin straight, hard to curl lashes (check), I gotta save time in the morning (check), and sometimes I work 12+ hours a day (check); it sounds like I'm the perfect guinea pig for this new product.  So I put this to test for the past month and I'm beyond excited to share the results!

Here's a before (top) and after (bottom).

If you look at the after-shot, on your left side, I did not curl my lashes and it went from pin straight to lifted and curl, which is pretty amazing.  On the right side, however, I did slightly curl my lashes, which gives an even more dramatic effect that I actually prefer.

Because of how my eyes are shaped, I feel like I can benefit from curling the outer and inner corner lashes to make application easier and also to achieve the curl effects I wanted for those region.  If you have a more lifted eye shape, you are probably fine to skip lash curler altogether.

In terms of lasting power, I have been working 12+ hours every day since beginning of 2015, so I can vouch for it; the curls do last till the end of my work day.  However, I have very watery eyes, so I do get smudges near outer corners of my eyes.  But like I said in many of my mascara reviews, it's probably just me.

The Benefit Roller Lash has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine.  I love that it holds curls so well for me, and that if I'm in a hurry I could just pop it on without having to use a lash curler.  Benefit Roller Lash is now available at,, Sephora stores, and select Shoppers Drug Mart!

Check out the hashtag #GlamourCurl on Instagram and Benefit Canada's Instagram account (@benefitcanada) to see more before and after pictures!

Until next time,

x Rica

*Disclosure: Products mentioned in this post were provided to The Office Chic for review consideration.  As always, all the opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way influenced by any advertiser, affiliate, public relations firm or brands.


  1. I love how it looks on you, it really makes a huge different. Also, that packaging is gorgeous!

  2. Oh wow, this makes your lashes look incredible! I've heard nothing but good things about this so far. Must give it a go :)