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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide for him and her

February 13, 2012
With Valentine's Day just one day away, have you prepared to surprised your other half on the day of love?  If you still haven't found the perfect gift, never fear, take a look at my suggestions and see if it will make your shopping trip easier when you head to the mall later on.  I'm going to mix things up because some gifts are applicable to both ladies and gentlemen =).

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette (For her only)
Available at SephoraUltaUrban Decay, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc.
Urban Decay Naked2 Palette
One of the hottest items in the beauty market right now.  The universally flattering shades in one compact palette makes this palette a perfect gift for every girl, no matter if they just wear minimal makeup, or makeup enthusiast!  Due to popularity of the original Naked Palette, Urban Decay and Sephora have learned their lesson and have really stocked up their stores.  Even if you see the display is empty, go ask the sales associates there.  Chances are they have tons at the back room but just didn't put them all out yet =).

Fujifilm Instax Mini (For both)
Available at lomography stores, Urban Outfitters, Sears, Walmart, etc.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s in Piano Black
Capture all your precious memories and print them out instantly.  I love instant cameras, I used to have a sticker one from Polaroid.  I can't say they're better than digital cameras or film cameras but they're certainly a lot more fun.  With Fujifilm Instax Mini, the photos will be printed out immediately and they are credit card size which means you can put them into your wallet right after!  I personally own two of them even though they are basically identical in terms of function.  (One tip to taking instant picture: Do not follow that song that say "Shake it like a Polaroid Picture".  I repeat, do NOT shake it.  It can damage the picture and make the film separate prematurely.)

Fragrances (For both)
Product photos from
Pick a fragrance that you like and they don't already have and make sure they don't hate the scents.  It's easier said than done, I would agree.  Thankfully, there's the Sephora Favourites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her and Sephora Favourites Collector's Edition Fragrance Sampler For Him, so it is highly possible that they will find something they in these sets.  In Canada, there are an even better deals at Shoppers Drug Mart.  At SDM, there are sets for guys and girls that allow them to try out around 10 samples before they pick a full size with the gift certificate included in the set!  They will have a year to choose, so no rush, no rush.

Shops: Build A Bear Workshop (For both)
From Build A Bear Workshop
I love BABW! I got my LiBeary (yes, that's the name I gave my bear) there as well.  I don't really know anyone who would hate a cuddly soft stuffed animal.  They have tons of options there, from Bears to Dogs, from Bunnies to Cats, and let's not forget about Hello Kitty.  They also have a few asthma friendly ones for you to choose.  You can simply pop up to the mall and build a bear, which takes about 15 minutes or so to make.  The best part is that they're not all that expensive and you can personalize your stuffed animal with different costumes they have there!  Or you can shop online too.

Shops: Urban Outfitters (For both)
Product photos and logo from
Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite shop.  I like to shop there because their stores have a variety of items.  Their jewelries are quite affordable, and you can't really go wrong with jewelries for girls.  For guys, there are lots of apparels and novelty items!  They just have a variety of brands and stuff for you to choose from.  Basically, UO has it all: from fun T-shirts to dainty necklaces, from quirky books to figures, and from lomo cameras to home decors.  There are also beauty products at UO!  How can you not like this store?  While shopping for him/her, you might even be able to find something for yourself =D.

These are the gifts that I have received or I actually want to receive.  I hope this will help some of you out there to get a gift for your love.  Happy Early Valentine's Day!

x Rica


  1. I've always wanted to make one of those bears! I remember asking my parents to do it with me when I was a kid but they always said that it was too expensivee! :(

  2. I will go with you if you wanna make one! =)

  3. Great ideas!!!!! :) I love the Naked palette! I use it everyday almost ;) haha

  4. Thanks! I love the Naked Palette too. I, too, use it very often! =D

  5. I got the Naked2 Palette and I gave it away! I have such pale skin and Im blonde, I just didnt think it worked for me :/ Needless to say, my cousin was stoked! She has amazing Indian skin and dark hair! She rocks that Palette.