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Ok... maybe it's not grammatically correct in old English, but I think you get my point from the title.

Ever since Jill from jillojello and Joyce from Sparkly Playground reviewed the George's Cream, I have been wanting to try out this local brand.  I went to the Shoppers Drug Marts near my place and my office to find them, but no luck (or maybe I've been looking at the wrong section!?).  So when the lovely people from George's Cream asked me if I would like to try out their products, I know I have to say yes.

L to R: George's Special Dry Skin Cream, George's Light Special Moisturizing Lotion

First of all, let's talk about my skin.  I have pretty dry skin on my body (ironically, I have very oily skin on my face = =).  So I need complete moisture in order to feel comfortable throughout the day.  My boyfriend has really dry skin too, and he needs even more moisture than I do.  Both of us tried out the George's Special Dry Skin Cream and the George's Light Special Moisturizing Lotion.  We tested them out throughout the month of April and the first half of May, so I think I have a pretty good idea on how well they work.

George's Special Dry Skin Cream

Ingredients: Deionised Water, White Petrolatum, Cetyl Alcohol, Polysorbate-20, Polysorbate-80, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Phenoxy Ethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid.

This intense moisturizer is meant for combatting severe dry skin.  It looks like a white paste when you first squeeze it out.  It actually put me off a little bit when I saw the paste because it's not really how I pictured it to be.  It seems like it's more whipped than other body creams that I have tried.

George's Cream, Thou Art Dry Skin Saviour + Giveaway! [CLOSED]

May 28, 2012 • 5 comments
Hi lovelies,

Long time no blog. I'm alive. Life just got busy... With work, studying, and moving. I'm not even done with my unpacking, yet I'm packed and waiting at the airport to board on my flight to Hong Kong. I'm hoping to get some travel posts up. Depending on the computer situation because guess what, I left my laptop at home lol. Oh well, I'll definitely be instagram-ing and tweeting, so be sure to follow me on both under the handle @eeenricaaa :).

I'm hoping to meet up with friends and family there and see many beautiful things! Anyway, I hope I get to get some blog posts up during my trip, even just some photo diaries... But if not, I'll see you guys in three weeks :)

The Travel Chic: Hello from the airport

May 18, 2012 • 0 comments