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It's my study time again, so I've fallen into a makeup routine (or rutine) lately... I vow to change my it up starting today, but not before I give it the spotlight it deserves because these products have been amazing to me.

In My Makeup Bag Lately... | Lancôme, Cover FX, Dior, Shu Uemura, Urban Decay & More

August 26, 2014 • 5 comments

When Urban Decay brainstormed the Pulp Fiction Collection, it started with just a lipstick (that red Mrs. Mia Wallace worn in the movie, but has expanded to a 5 item collection.  They knew from the start that to achieve Mrs. Mia Wallace' signature look, you will for sure need that deep blood red lip.  Therefore Urban Decay has created Mrs. Mia Wallace Revolutionary Lipstick, and a 24/7 Lip Liner in Mrs. Mia Wallace to go with it!

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Lip Duo: Mrs. Mia Wallace Revolutionary Lipstick and 24/7 Glide On Lip Liner | Review, Photos, & Swatches

August 22, 2014 • 8 comments

If you haven't seen Pulp Fiction (btw, you should see it), you would at least have seen its theatrical poster featuring Uma Thurman with a fringe bob hair cut with a cigarette in hand.  Her character in the movie, Mrs. Mia Wallace was so cool and so bad a$$.  This year marked the 20th anniversary, so  Urban Decay has released a whole collection to commemorate this occasion.  Of course, the entire collection is surrounding Mrs. Mia Wallace, including the Pulp Fiction Palette.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette is Not Just for Bad A$$es | Review, Photos, & Swatches

August 19, 2014 • 6 comments

It's MAC Warehouse Sale time again!  Starting September 5th to 7th, invitees can go to Markham Fair Grounds and shop at warehouse price.  Products include MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Esteé Lauder, Origins, Clinique, etc.  I have been there more than a couple of times and can usually find a good deal there.  I always make sure I visit the $4 bin and gift bags section, and of course, I will stock up on charity bags on my way out!

This sale is unfortunately not open to public, you will need an actual ticket with the valid seal to get in. A coworker of my boyfriend gave him a pair of tickets for September 7th, but I don't think I will be able to make it.  So why not give them away to my fellow beauty addicts on this blog!  If you live in GTA or have the means to get to Markham Fair Grounds on September 7, 2014, feel free to enter by following the Rafflecoptor widget below.  Open to Canadian residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is opened till August 31, 2014 11:59PM EST.  I will contact the winner as soon as I know, so I can mail them out on September 2, 2014 (since the 1st is Labour Day).  For detailed terms and condition, please take a look at the widget above.  Good luck everyone!

Until next time,

x Rica

MAC Warehouse Sale Ticket Giveaway | September 2014

August 17, 2014 • 13 comments

How many times have you accidentally swiped mascara on the bridge of your nose?  For me, that's every other day when I apply mascara on my left eye.  Lancôme recognized that an average mascara users are not completely satisfied with how they apply mascara.  They also sees that women want their mascara to reach all the lashes from root to top, even in tricky areas.

Their answer to these problems is Lancôme Grandiôse Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara (CA $35 / US $32).

While bending the straight mascara may help with the application process, it's not the best solution because they're usually not flexible enough to reach all corner without trouble.  Lancôme Grandiôse features a patent-pending Swan-Neck Wand that is short and twisted and is described to be the "ideal shape".  The 25° curved stem is designed to "intuitively adapts to the contours of the face".

Even just after the first try, it was apparent that the Swan-Neck Wand was very intuitive to use without breaking my wrist.  I think it is less of an hassle than one with a traditional wand.  Also with this curved wand, every time you twist open the mascara, it mixes the formula for you so you don't have to do it.

This mascara also comes with a smaller brush head, with bristles "shaped like half petals" that will coat every lashes from root to tip.  I was able to reach to lashes from either corners, as well as my bottom lashes.  I didn't notice if I smudged mascara on my lid, which is what this precise brush head is supposed to achieve.

The formula is quite nice because it does it all (volumize, lengthens, and defines).  However, I wouldn't say it is the best in all 3 categories, it's more of an all-rounded mascara.  It has great staying power but it is easy to remove.  It also doesn't make my lashes hard like a boar bristle brush.

To apply Lancôme Grandiôse, I start with the upper lash line and (1) apply mascara to the outer corner because it has the most formula at this time.  Then, I would (2) rotate the wand slightly and move to the centre of the lid and coat the lashes in a zic-zac motion.  Next, I (3) use the tip of the mascara to get to the small lashes in the inner corner.  Finally for the bottom lash line, I would repeat all the steps above, again from the outer corner.

I quite enjoy the application of this mascara.  It volumizes, lengthens, and defines.  It's not the most dramatic mascara ever, but that's not to say it's not a good mascara.  Even after 2-3 coats, my lashes are still quite soft.  The staying power is pretty good with minimal smudging on my folded eyelid.  Yet, it is super easy to remove (I just use a cotton pad soaked with the L'Oreal Sublime Soft Gentle Micellar Solution).  I would recommend this mascara if you're fed up with bending your mascara wand and just want an easy way to apply.  Lancôme Grandiôse is now available at counters, / and Sephora!

Do you twist and turn and bend to get to all the lashes?  Do you think this innovative wand and precise brush will be the answer to solve your mascara problem?  I'd love to know :)

Until next time,

x Rica

*Disclosure: Products mentioned in this post were provided to The Office Chic for review consideration.  As always, all the opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way influenced by any advertiser, affiliate, public relations firm or brands.

Lancôme Grandiôse Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara | Review, Photos & Demo

August 15, 2014 • 11 comments

Feeling a bit badass late last night, so I decided to put on the Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace Nail Color (CA $18 / US $15) from their limited edition Pulp Fiction Collection (review of the entire collection coming soon).

I quite like this colour on my skin tone.  Sometimes I feel like some reds make my hands look... evil... lol... I meant they would look like they were injured.  I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of this deep blood red colour, and I'm already enjoying it :).

What's on your nails today?

Until next time,

x Rica

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Mrs. Mia Wallace Nail Color | Mani Monday

August 11, 2014 • 3 comments
Images from Urban Decay

UDers rejoice!  We have loved all the NAKED palettes from 1 to 3.  Many of us love the NAKED Basics palette even more.  A lot of us often say, "I wish there are more shades in the NAKED Basics palette".  Guess what?  Urban Decay heard us and they will be releasing the NAKED2 Basics soon.

Images from Urban Decay

Every NAKED palette has a theme and will feature neutral shades that fit the theme
Images from Urban Decay

Images from Urban Decay

Now the new NAKED2 Basics features "6 TAUPE-hued matte neutrals" (they said that but they're not actually all matte):
  • Skimp: pale nude satin
  • Stark: nude-pink matte
  • Frisk: warm gray matte
  • Cover: muted red-brown matte
  • Primal: muted brown matte
  • Undone: deep, smoky brown matte
Like the NAKED Basics palette, it is designed to be suitable for everyone, every skin tone.  With eyeshadows, you can count on Urban Decay to give you richly pigmented and buttery smooth shades.

I do own all the NAKED palettes, but I still want this new one.  I can't wait when it becomes available!  I have already signed up for notification.  Hopefully we hear more from Urban Decay before it's available for sale (more than just an Instagram teaser), because we know it's going to fly off the shelf.

Shop this story...

Until next time,

x Rica

Urban Decay NAKED2 Basics is Coming Soon! | Beauty News

August 10, 2014 • 3 comments

Summer is half way through!  Enjoying the sun or not, thanks to the invention of bronzer, ladies from the Great White North, too, can get instant sun kiss glow.  There are so many beautiful bronzers available this Summer (literally, the designs are out of this world).  I have round up a few that you need to go to the makeup counter now to stare at, adore and swatch!

It's Summer Time! Be a Bronzed Goddess | Guerlain, Dior, Lancôme, Chanel, Maybelline, Clarins & Benefit

August 6, 2014 • 7 comments

Shu Uemura wanted women "to enjoy make-up more freely" and have fun playing with colours.  With that in mind, the brand has created a new line of eyeliners called Drawing Pencils that are inspired by their own Aterlier's professional palette.  These pencils feature a soft blend able formula that allows you to mix and match, draw and blend, while also provide a great colour payoff.  There are in total of 21 shades and 4 textures (matte, pearl, metallic, glitter).

Shu Uemura Eye Event Collection | Enjoy Makeup this Summer & Instagram Contest | Review, Photos & Swatches

August 5, 2014 • 13 comments