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Loads of Decorative Eyelash, which one should I choose? Help!

February 18, 2012
I might be on a lash mode lately (as seen in here).  Not that I would wear them every day, but I would really like to try them, you know, to find the perfect pair!

Last year, I learn that Emi Suzuki, a famous Japanese model, has become the spokemodel for Decorative Eyelash's newest series - Playgirl.  Decorative Eyelash is a Japanese drugstore brand of lashes by Sho-Bi.  Sho-Bi is also known as the parent company for Diamon Lash and Brigitte Cosmetics (a new brand of make up highly featured in Japanese fashion magazine Vivi).  They have been around for a long time, but recent revamped their entire line-up and came up with the Playgirl series.  I really wanted to try them, but back then there was no seller that would ship to Canada, and not cost a fortune.

Until now, I found out that they're available in Hong Kong and I can't wait to ask my brother to help me get them.  But here's the problem... I don't know which ones to get!  Note: ALL images from

The Playgirl series features 12 pairs of lashes (8 pairs of upper lashes and 4 pairs of lower lashes).  It's quite an extensive line up in one series in my opinion.  First let's take a look at these gorgeous lashes:

Play Cute series:

Play Cute #1 is designed to not block the view of your iris.  It also has some small crisscross to provide a dolly look.  Note that these come in black bands.

Play Cute #2 is a wispy type lashes that gives a round eyes, and hence a sweet looking effect.  These come in clear band, so they can be less detectable

Play Cute #3 looks like one stripe lashes, but it's actually broken down to three pieces so that even beginners will find these easy to use.  And since they're clear band, it looks more natural.  You can customize it to the way you want your lashes to look!

Play Cute #4 are bottom lashes, and, again, designed to be 3-piece lashes for easy usage and customization.

Play Cool series:

Play Cool #1 are very volumizing and pointy.  It also focuses on the outer corner of the eyes.  And thus it makes the eyes appear rounder and larger.  Note that these come in black bands.

Play Cool #2 are half lashes.  Pretty dramatic of its kind, and gives a flirty look.

Play Cute #3 are bottom lashes, unlike Play Cute #4, these are 1-piece lashes, but they look quite natural, which is by designed.

Play Sexy series:

Play Sexy #1 are very wispy and volumizing!  It focuses on the middle part of the lashes.  Since it has three different design on one stripe of lashes, they also recommend you to try cutting it at the place you like and use them separately.  Again, these are clear band lashes.

Play Sexy #2 focuses on how to make your eyes look bigger.  These are very defined false lashes and come with black band to crease an eye effect.

Play Sexy #3 reminds me a lot of MAC #7 lashes, which are one of my favourite pair of false lashes.  These are designed to make your eyes look wider, while emphasizing the outer corner of your eyes.

Play Sexy #4 are short bottom lashes, which are supposed to look more natural for the eye.

Play Sexy #5 is another set of bottom lashes in the Play Sexy series.  Unlike the other bottom lashes, they have mini crisscross to make it more dramatic.


As you can see, there are 12 pairs of lashes that I can choose from.  I probably would like to go for one set of bottom lashes and 3 to 4 set of upper lashes.  I have 2 sets in mind, but couldn't figure out the rest.  I like more natural and girly ones.  So if you guys could give me some suggestions, it will be great!

Have you tried Decorative Eyelash before?  If so, which ones would you recommend.  If not, which ones would you like to try?  Let me know =D

x Rica


  1. How awesome are these?!  They need a satellite location in Toronto.. lol!

    I really like Play Cute #2, 3 / Play Cool #2 / Play Sexy #1 idea on bottom lashes though.

  2. I know, right!  It's not fair, we need more drugstore lashes selection here! in Canada!

    I'm not a huge fan on bottom lashes either... mostly because I suck at applying them lol...but they're about $13 CAD for 5 pairs in Hong Kong... so, probably not gonna pass them up!

    Thanks for the suggestions, you have no idea how much it'll help me >0<

  3. I want the last ones play sexy #5 but I can't even find them on eBay! D:

  4. Me neither =(... And the worst part is, my brother wasn't able to find them in stores.  I was so bummed.  I'm gonna search the entire city to hunt these down while I'm in Hong Kong LOL.