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Quick Tip to Revive a Dull Manicure

February 16, 2012
Manicures usually look shiny right after you apply it.  But after a while, it starts looking dull.  Like the other day, my new gel polish, which is supposed to be real shiny, was looking dull... like this...

Before: dull nail =(
There are different causes to it, you might have smudge the topcoat a bit, it might be the quality of the topcoat, but more than often, there's oil on your finger nail.  It can be from your hand cream (I experience this a lot), touching your face (the sebum on your face), or any other source of oil.
A simple trick can fix this.  What you would need is a tissue paper.  You will rub it against your nail bed and just the nail bed, because you don't want to damage the skin around your nail just in case you put too much force.

In progress..

After: a shiny nail once again!

Very simple, right?  It might not be super apparent on cameras, but in real life, there's a huge difference. Try this next time and see if it helps =).

x Rica


  1. Wow! I never thought of doing this! Thanks for sharingg!

  2. I have not used this for that long either... I was at the office the other day, noticing my nails got dull and just took a tissue paper and rubbed my nails with it... hehe

  3. Oh wow, really good to know,so thank you for sharing this tip with us!