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Hello Kitty Pop-Up Party Palette Looks Good on the Vanity and on the Eyes

November 28, 2014

So who cares if she's not a cat but a little girl?  Hello Kitty is still adorable and a favourite of many.  And its ongoing collaboration with Sephora continues to this holiday.  One of the best collectibles in the holiday collection is definite the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Party Eyeshadow Palette (CA $62 / US $52).

This palette features 20 shades ranging from neutrals to fun colours, each with very cute names.  There are 10 colours that I would consider neutrals (1974, Playdate, Friendship, The Original, Cookie, Milk, Apple Pie, Hot Cocoa, Bright, and Chocolate chip), and the rest are more so the "fun colours" (Happy, Supercute, Three Apples, Kawaii, Anniversary, Dear Daniel, Kitty-Chan, Mimmy, Celebrate, and Bow).  Even so, this palette is on the subtle fun side because you can create quite wearable looks with these brighter colours.  All the shades featured are not some usual shades you would see in a palette, makes it less dupable, at least in my collection.  For example, Dear Daniel is a very unique Azure colour (super accurate colour btw to match the character Dear Daniel).

The quality of the formula varies among shades, even those with the same finish.  For instance, both 1974 and Playdate are matte, but the latter is significantly more pigmented than the former.  The shadows are not super soft, so not really prone to fall out.  It's really when you rub hard, say, when you're swatching, that you get more excess.  If you're using a brush, it's grabs on to the bristles quite well.  The matte bright shades are only decently pigmented and requires more build up (Happy, Supercute, and Dear Daniel in particular).  But I really enjoy using the neutrals, they are mostly vibrant and opaque.  My favourite shade has got to be Chocolate Chip, followed closely by The Original and Apple Pie.

Of course, the best feature of this palette is the pop-up art of Hello Kitty.  Gosh it's cute!  And it's really well made.  The only thing though is that you need to find a way to make it stay open if you want to display it on your vanity.  Another lovely design on the palette is the little bow that you would use to pull the palette out.  It's like the not so little bow on Hello Kitty's head.  Cute, right?

I do think that the palette is made to be displayed.  It is not the most resilient packaging because it's cardboard, so it isn't exactly travel friendly when you want to keep the packaging mint.  However, the shades combination, with enough neutral tones will make it ideal for the purpose if you don't mind the cute cover getting a dent or two (yep, that happened to me).

Like I said, it is nice to display it out, especially with the cute pop up.  I consider the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Party Palette a usable collectible.  Using it or not, though, it's at your discretion.  If you're solely buying it for the eyeshadows though, while this palette is pretty good, there are similar (and maybe even better) palettes at around the same price.  So you'll need to consider, say, if you want to travel with it or not, if you need it to look good or not, etc.  Also if you have a large collection of eyeshadows already, some of the neutral shades might be redundant for you (common problems for big palettes) even though those bright colours are quite unique.  But if you're a Hello Kitty fan and a makeup addict, this palette is definitely for you.  It's cute and quite practical frankly as far as the shade selection goes; it's a B+ in my book.  So Hello Kitty fans, snatch it for yourself as a holiday gift before it's gone.

Until next time,

x Rica

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  1. So cute! I have at least 2 friends obsessed with HK that this would be perfect for.

  2. Ah, this is utterly adorable- so perfect to display! And it looks like there are some truly unique and lovely shades in the palette :)

  3. Well the packaging is incredible, very HK style of curse! My goddaughter would love this, she's in "all hello kitty" moment!

  4. I recently discover the cleansing oil from L'oreal and i love it especially when i wear waterproof mascara!

  5. My friend would love this!!!

  6. OMG I need to get this for my friend! She'd go insane. So adorable!!

  7. I LOVE chocolate chip, and I found out today that if you apply it wet it's even more vibrant and has better staying power. I used it as an eyeliner today and it's so nice!